1 April 2020

  On April 2, 1990, one of the most charismatic exponents of Italian culture and cinema, Aldo Fabrizi, passed away in Rome. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary ofRead more ›

5 February 2020
Lux Prize

  Every year the European Parliament renews the Lux Prize to turn the spotlight on European cinema, celebrating and promoting some of the best European films. With this film competition,Read more ›

22 November 2019
OPEN CALL 21st edition! 18-25 April 2020

  Open call  – Festival del Cinema Europeo, 21st edition18th – 25th April 2020, Lecce   ENTRY FORM  |  REGULATION    Read more ›

13 April 2019
Awards of the 20th Edition

AWARDS OF THE 20TH EDITION OF THE EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL LECCE 8TH – 13TH APRIL  2019 Golden Olive Tree “Cristina Soldano Award for Best Film” to Oray by Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay MarioRead more ›

13 April 2019
Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo win the Mario Verdone Award 2019

The Mario Verdone Award 2019, tenth edition, has been awarded to Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo for Boys Cry (Italy, 2018) with the following motivation: “While telling how it is damn easy to grow accustomed to evil, theRead more ›

12 April 2019
Nino Frassica awarded with the Silver Olive Tree

  Closing day of the 20th edition of the European Film Festival directed by Alberto La Monica, with Nino Frassica protagonist together with Carlo and Silvia Verdone, who will awardRead more ›

12 April 2019
Vinicio Marchioni wins the SNGCI Award of the 20th edition of the European Film Festival

The SNGCI Award for Best European Actor has been awarded today. The award, assigned every year by the National Union of Italian Film Journalists, is one of the official prizes of the European Film Festival directedRead more ›

12 April 2019
Italian Premiere Il campione attended by Stefano Accorsi and director Leonardo D’Agostini

After hosting Stefania Sandrelli, Paola Minaccioni, Luciana Castellina and Aleksandr Sokurov, the fifth day of the European Film Festival, directed by Alberto La Monica, will offer two more special events; the nationalRead more ›