6th APRIL 2019 | Manifatture Knos, Lecce 


Later on, at the Manifatture Knos, the Maestro Cesare Dell’Anna will present the Italian premiere of his latest work “Tarantavirus Jazz Night” – in which electro music, the traditional music from Salento and jazz melt together – , which will be released on 20th March and is produced by 11-8 Records label.

Tarantavirus is the result of an ongoing music research, the expression of a change and renewal of Salento rites and music tradition, in a unique and fascinating project, in which electro and traditional music combine with the sounds of jazz, a genre the maestro had never before explored. Under the conduction of Cesare Dell’Anna, a trumpeter and founder of Opa Cupa and GirodiBanda, some of the most outstanding and beloved contemporary Italian jazz musicians have performed on stage, from Gianluca Petrella and Roberto Ottaviano to Fabrizio Puglisi and Giovanni Guidi, from Zeno De Rossi, Marco Bardoscia and Gianfranco Salvatore to Redi Hasa, Rocco Nigro, Andrea Doremi and Giuseppe Oliveto. The ensemble will also feature Enza Pagliara, Irene Lungo, Rachele Andrioli and Emanuele Licci.