2011 – 35mm – colore – 137’


Direction: Aleksandr Sokurov

Screenplay: Yuriy Arabov

Cinematography: Bruno Delbonnel

Editing: Jörg Hauschild

Set design: Elena Zhukova

Music: Andrey Sigle

Costumes: Lidya Krukova

Cast: Johaness Zailer, Anton Adasinskiy, Isolda Dychauk, Georg Friedrich, Hanna Schygulla, Antje Lehwald, Florian Brueckner

Producer: Andrey Sigle

Production: Proline Film



Aleksandr Sokurov freely draws inspiration from Goethe’s work but radically reinterprets his myth. Faust is a philosopher, a rebel and a pioneer, but also an ordinary man made of flesh and blood, driven by lust, greed and instinct. “What we see on the screen is a man. Faust has a social standing, a good head on his shoulders, and is well-educated, but as a human being he is in a difficult position. How does he get by? He is fully aware of the decisions he makes, but he also makes mistakes, without realising it. Even someone so educated and intelligent as Faust, such a steady man, makes mistakes for lack of judgement. How is Faust not able to evaluate a situation? Can Faust be wrong? How is it possible? He’s Faust!”



“There’s something tragically cheerful about this Faust who looks for dead bodies to dissect, obscure and open with his relentless motion, which contrasts with the stillness and stiffness of the other protagonists of the tetralogy of power: he is frantic and hungry like a rodent sniffing and chewing things here and there, a presence that transcends itself as he gets lost in the scene he is crossing. This film emanates a strange vitality, and is pushed towards a game that is not just Mephistopheles’ s bet, and not even the ecstasy of a happy moment, but is almost similar to a physical gesture that liberates the bodies, that undermines the stiffness of existence reducing it to its immaterial dimension.”

(Massimo Causo, Sentieri Selvaggi, 26/10/2011)



2011 Venice Film Festival – Competition: Golden Lion, SIGNIS2004 Award

2011 Gijón IFF – Competition: Best Production Design