2018 – DCP – colore – 120’


Direction: Árpád Bogdán

Screenplay: Árpád Bogdán

Cinematography: Tamás Dobos

Editing: Péter Politzer

Set design: Kata Kővári

Music: Mihály Víg

Costumes: Zsófia Ferencz

Cast: Milán Csordás, Anna Marie Cseh, Enikő Anna Illési, Lídia Danis, Levente Molnár, Zsolt Kovács, Tamás Ravasz,István Szilvási, Szofi Berki, Dezső Lukács

Producers: Andrea Taschler, Gábor Ferenczy

Production: Mirage Film, Focusfox



The story is formed around the fate of a young Roma boy, whose childhood reaches a sudden and drastic end when he loses his family in a tragic and brutal attack. Already buried in her work, a young female lawyer succumbs to pressure from her superior and undertakes the defence of one of the men facing trial for the part he reputedly played in this infamous series of racist murders. It is while researching the case that she comes into contact with the young boy, called as a witness, and this chance meeting changes both their lives forever. A mysterious teenage girl also becomes involved when her boyfriend’s dark secrets come to light.



Born in 1980, Árpád Bogdán lived in a children’s home from the age of four. He started working as an actor and stage director in theaters during his college years. He organized creative forums for disadvantaged children using various aspects of art. After establishing a strong background in theatre and film, Árpád Bogdán made his feature-film debut with Happy New Life that collected a number of awards including Best First Film at Hungarian Film Week 2007 and premiered at the Berlinale, where it received Special Mention from the Manfred Salzgeber Jury. Happy New Life went on to tour the globe and was extremely well received by audiences and film critics alike.



“Genesis is about a story that is about family. It is about losing family, it is about never having a family, it is about protecting family. What could I possibly know about any of this, when I never grew up in a family? What could I possibly know, when here I am over thirty and have no family. What is it that I am trying to say? Am I trying to say that family is important, that we are nothing without family, we are not complete without family, that we need to take care of each other, that we need to overcome the limitations of our own selfishness, and similar clichés? I, as one who has only ever known a damaged family model, have got a lot to say about that secret, about that wonder, about that hell, about that heaven that is family.”



2002 Útvesztőben (Labyrinth, short film) 

2003 Ütem És Fogalom / (Rhythm and Notion, short)

2007 Boldog új élet (Happy New Life)

2018 Ghetto Balboa (documentary)

2018 Genezis (Genesis)



2018 Berlinale – Panorama Special

2018 Sofia IFF: First and Second Features Competition:Best Feature

2018 Valencia Cinema Jove IFF: Luna de Valencia Main Prize, Special Mention Tamás Dobos DOP

2018 Fünf Seen FF: Main Prize