2019 – DCP – colore – 107’


Direction: Leonardo D’Agostini

Screenplay: Giulia Steigerwalt in collaborazione con in collaboration with Antonella Lattanzi, Leonardo D’Agostini

Cinematography: Michele Paradisi

Editing: Gianni Vezzosi

Set Design: Alessandro Vannucci

Costumes: Valentina Taviani

Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano, Ludovica Martino, Mario Sgueglia, Anita Caprioli, Massimo Popolizio

Producers: Matteo Rovere, Sydney Sibilia

Production: Groenlandia con with Rai Cinema

Distribution: 01 Distribution

World Sales: True Colours – Glorious Film




Very young, extremely talented, undisciplined, rich and spoiled. Christian Ferro is THE CHAMPION, a brilliant and unregulated soccer star, the new idol who attracts the attention of the supporters of a whole town and of the Serie A Championship. Valerio Fioretti, a shy and lonely man dealing with economic problems and a shadow from the past looming over the present, is the teacher chosen by the President of the soccer club when – after yet another stunt of the young goal scorer – he decides it’s time for someone to give Christian a little discipline. They clash with each other at first, but soon develop a deep relationship that will help both of them grow and change. 



He was born in Rome on 1977. As a director he has made numerous short films, including Smart! (winner of the Arcipelago Festival 2004 and finalist at the Silver Ribbon Awards) and Sangre de Perro (finalist at the Silver Ribbon Awards 2007), and also commercials and video clips. From 2009 to 2017 he worked as an editor and screenwriter for Taodue srl TV production company on a number of Mediaset TV series such as Il tredicesimo apostolo, Il bosco, Solo and Rosy Abate; he was also second unit director on the latter two series. Il Campione is his first feature film.




“In telling this story we asked ourselves: what would happen if a young boy resistant to any rules and teachings were flanked by a man who has to teach him such rules and, as a consequence, without even realizing it, help him grow? What does it mean for that boy to first find a teacher, and then to see the teacher as the father he never had, as a true friend and a master who can teach him to appreciate the good things in his life, his own talent, and to improve himself? And what if that man, on his turn, were someone who has nothing left to ask, to gain (and to lose), nor anything to strive for, someone who feels he has made a lot of mistakes in his life and is not willing to start over, who has lost the lust for life? If this man were catapulted into a world where everything is possible, what would happen between the two characters?”



2004 Smart! (short)

2007 Sangre de Perro (short)

2019 Il campione