2013 – 35mm – colore – 97’



Direction: Alessandro Siani

Screenplay: Fabio Bonifacci, Alessandro Siani

Cinematography: Paolo Carnera

Editing: Valentina Mariani

Set design: Paola Comencini

Music: Umberto Scipione

Costumes: Eleonora Rella

Cast: Alessandro Siani, Christian De Sica, Sarah Felberbaum, Serena Autieri, Nello Iorio, Lello Musella, Marco Messeri

Producers: Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini

Production: Cattleya with Rai Cinema



Letizia, princess of a small principality, is sad and frustrated, as the tabloid press are not interested in her life and she is also neglected by her subjects. So the King orders Chamberlain Anastasio to come up with a plan in order for Letizia to regain the interest of her people. The plot is soon devised: she has to pretend to fall in love with a poor wretch, Antonio De Biase, an unemployed Neapolitan young man, a master in the art of freeloading, to create a scandal and wind up on the cover of all tabloids. The plan is carried out, and when Antonio is admitted to the castle, he immediately clashes with the strict etiquette imposed by Anastasio, while his friends, and particularly his cousin Jessica, arrive and liven up the boring court life. Anastasio becomes smitten with Jessica and, to win her over, will have to turn to Antonio himself for help.



“The two previous films by Miniero in which I starred (Welcome to the South and Welcome to the North) portrayed the huge divide between Northern and Southern Italy, while this time I wanted to deal with another deeply felt issue, the gap between rich and poor. I felt this need: to talk about the social and cultural differences between the two main characters, two seemingly parallel worlds that, thanks to love, get closer and closer to each other.”



2013 David di Donatello: Nominated for the Youth David Award

2014 Bastia Italian Film Festival – Competition