1965 – 35mm – b/n – 115’


Direction: Antonio Pietrangeli

Screenplay: Ettore Scola, Ruggero Maccari, Antonio Pietrangeli

Cinematography: Armando Nannuzzi

Editing: Franco Fraticelli

Set design: Maurizio Chiari

Music: Piero Piccioni

Costumes: Maurizio Chiari

Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Ugo Tognazzi, Nino Manfredi, Enrico Maria Salerno, Robert Hoffmann, Jean-Claude Brialy

Producer: Turi Vasile

Production: Ultra Film, Les Films du Siècle, Roxy Film



Adriana, a girl of humble origins, attractive but naive, leaves her hometown of Pistoia to seek a fortune in Rome. She goes from job to job, dreaming of breaking into show business, lured by music and success. In the meantime, her recklessness and need for love cause her to fall victim to sneaky men who try to take advantage of her. She meets an agent who promises to help her break into film, so she entrusts him with the money she earns. But all she gets is a few minor roles, as she goes through a whirlwind of ups and downs and becomes more and more desperate and disillusioned. The longing for her hometown and the decision to abort the child she was carrying will only make things worse for her.



“The director does not indulge either to sentimentality or to quirkiness. In other words, he does not emphasize the vulnerability of the victim or the lack of feelings and passions all around her, but analyses their interdependence, observing, with insight and objectivity, how the indifference of a character is the logical consequence of a cynical environment.”

(Ugo Casiraghi,L’Unità, 2 December 1965)

“Sandrelli’s performance (…) is characterized by (…) quite spontaneous reactions and a naturalness devoid of any culturalbackground.”

(Giovanni Grazzini,Il Corriere della Sera, 2 December 1965)



1966 Silver Ribbons: Best Direction, Screenplay, Supporting Actor

1966 Grolla d’Oro Awards: Best Director

1966 Mar del Plata Film Festival: Best Direction, Screenplay