JOURNEY TO A MOTHER’S ROOM Viaje al cuarto de una madre

2018 – DCP – colore – 94 ‘


Direction: Celia Rico Clavellino

Screenplay: Celia Rico Clavellino

Cinematography: Santiago Racaj

Editing: Fernando Franco

Set design: Celia Rico Clavellino

Costumes: Vinyet Escobar

Cast: Lola Dueñas, Anna Castillo, Pedro Casablanc, Susana Abaitua, Marisol Membrillo, Adelfa Calvo, Ana Mena, Maica Barroso, Noemí Hopper, Silvia Casanova

Producers: Josep Amorós, Ibon Cormenzana

Production: Arcadia Motion Pictures, Amorós Producciones in coproduction with Pecado Films, Sísifo Films, Noodles Production (Francia)



Leonor wants to leave home but she doesn’t dare tell her mother. Estrella doesn’t want her daughter to go, but she isn’t able to keep her by her side. Mother and daughter will have to face a new time in their lives in which the world they share is wavering. Journey to a mother’s room is a film about the ties that tightly bind a mother and a daughter, so intimate and delicate they can easily tangle and trap them.



Celia Rico Clavellino (Seville, 1982) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. As a writer and director, her career debuted with the award-winning short film Luisa is not home, starring Asunción Balaguer and Fernando Guillén: the only Spanish film at the 2012 Biennale di Venezia. Celia has worked as a First Assistant Director and Second Unit Director of Claudia Llosa’s latest film,Aloft (Berlin Film Festival, 2014). Celia has spent over a decade working in several film production companies such as Arcadia Motion Pictures (Blancanieves,Blackthorn) or Oberon Cinematográfica (The Milk of Sorrow,Childish Game) among others, and co-wrote Quatretondeta by Pol Rodríguez (Málaga FF, 2016). Celia currently teaches Film Directing at ESCAC (Barcelona) and is a collaborator on the film pedagogy project Cinema en curs. She has published the picture book Celia is bored (Penguin Random House) and has worked as a screenwriter for the children’s animated series Mironins , based on the work of Joan Miró, which she will co-direct in 2019. Journey to a mother’s room is her first feature film. The screenplay, which she wrote herself, participated in the prestigious Script Station Lab at the Berlinale Talents in 2015.



“Journey to a mother’s room is a film about the family ties that constantly bind and divide us, that make us strong and, at the same time, so fragile. A film about attachment and distance between a mother and a daughter who are on a two-sided journey to discover the complexities of love. Yasujirō Ozu said that the trage dy of life begins with the bond between parents and children. Loving well, without stifling the other and without losing one’s self in another, might be one of the hardest parts of parent-child relationships. Cecil Day-Lewis wrote in a poem that selfhood begins with a walking away and love is proved in the letting go. This film endeavors to capture those delicate moments in life in which love is revealed through knowing when to walk away, through letting go.”



2012 Luisa no está en casa (Luisa non è in casa, breve)

2018 Viaje al cuarto de una madre (Viaggio nella stanza di una madre)



2018 San Sebastian IFF – Nuovi direttori: Menzione speciale della giuria, Premio Fedeora, Premio del pubblico giovanile

2018 London FF – Primo Concorso

2018 Goya Awards: nominato come miglior attrice protagonista, miglior attrice non protagonista, miglior nuovo regista, miglior montaggio