LA PRIMA COSA BELLA The First Beautiful Thing

2010 – 35mm – colore – 122’


Direction: Paolo Virzì

Screenplay: Paolo Virzì, Francesco Bruni, Francesco Piccolo

Photography: Nicola Pecorini

Editing: Simone Manetti

Set design: Tonino Zera

Music: Carlo Virzì

Costumes: Gabriella Pescucci

Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Micaela Ramazzotti, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudia Pandolfi, Marco Messeri, Fabrizia Sacchi

Producers: Fabrizio Donvito, Marco Cohen, Benedetto Habib

Production: Medusa Film, Motorino Amaranto, Indiana Production Company



1971. Anna Nigiotti is voted “most beautiful mom” in the most famous beach resort in Livorno, attracting the flirtatious attentions of local men and making her husband Mario angry and suspicious, while her eldest son Bruno is ashamed of her. In the present, Anna is ill but her contagious vitality still infects those around her. Bruno cut ties with her long ago, but his sister Valeria convinces him to come back to Livorno to say goodbye to their mother. The encounter with that volcanic woman after so many years forces Bruno to remember the past, those distant days when he and his family were looking for a place to stay after being thrown out of home by their father, blinded by jealousy. And even then, they could always rely on the unwavering optimism of that recklessly cheerful mom of theirs.



“It would be enough to remember that embrace between Bruno and Valeria, (…) which is as heartwarming as the relationship between don Giulio and his sister in La messa è finita , similar to Virzì’s film in its way of starting to use a song as soundtrack and then having the protagonists themselves sing it. (…) Mastandrea and Ramazzotti get into their characters with an intensity rarely seen in the Italian cinema, Pandolfi delivers the best performance of her career and Sandrelli almost seems the reincarnation of Adriana from I knew her well.”

(Simone Emiliani,Sentieri Selvaggi)



2010 David di Donatello Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Actor to Valerio Mastandrea, Best Actress to Micaela Ramazzotti

2010 Premio FICE Award: Best Director

2010 Ciak d’Oro Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Costumes

2010 Golden Globes, Italia: Best Actress to Stefania Sandrelli

2010 Silver Ribbons: Best Actress to Micaela Ramazzotti e and Stefania Sandrelli, Best Screenplay, Best Costumes,

Best Direction