NON PIÙ NON ANCORA – narrazioni preadolescenti

2018 – HD – colore – 80’


Direction: Mariagrazia Contini, Paolo Marzoni, Vito Palmieri

Screenplay: Mariagrazia Contini, Paolo Marzoni, Vito Palmieri

Cinematography: Fiodor Fieni

Editing: Paolo Marzoni, Claire Pellizzi

Music: Daniele Furlati

Cast: Eleonora, Giovanni, Francesco R., Beatrice, Francesco L., Emily, Sarin, Simone, Joao, Gaia, Lorenzo, Samuel

Producer: Mariagrazia Contini

Production: IBC Movie, Maxman Coop Società Cooperativa,with the contribution of the Department of Education of the University of Bologna



Love, friendship, school, sensitiveness, a changing body, bullying, the internet, family, future: a look at pre-adolescence through thevoices of 100 boys and girls, interviewed by Mariagrazia Contini, full professor of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education of theUniversity of Bologna. And also through the videos shot by the teens themselves without a crew, with just phones or small cameras,filming the world they wanted to investigate. Moments of intimacy, away from the often judgemental look of adults.



“Pre-adolescence is a key stage in the growth of every individual, that moment when children begin to move away from their parentsand build their own world, governed by laws of its own and narrated with a language that we often do not understand. The film offersa look at this world, leaving the young protagonists free to talk about it with their own voices. A way to bridge the gap that oftenprevents us from understanding their problems.”