PAPER FLAGS Les drapeaux de papier

2018 – DCP – colore – 102’


Direction: Nathan Ambrosioni

Screenplay: Nathan Ambrosioni

Cinematography: Raphaël Vandenbussche

Editing: Nathan Ambrosioni

Sound: Laurent Benaïm

Music: Matthew Otto

Costumes: Elsa Depardieu

Cast: Noémie Merlant, Guillaume Gouix, Sébastien Houbani, Jérôme Kircher, Alysson Paradis, Anne Lioret

Producer: Stéphanie Douet

Production: Sensito Films in co-production with Orage Films, Eclair, TSF



Charlie, almost 24, leads a life without excesses: she dreams of being an artist and finds it difficult to make ends meet. When her brother comes to find her after an absence of 12 years, everything is turned upside down. Vincent is 30 and has just come out of prison where he had served a long sentence. He has everything to learn about the world he no longer knows. Charlie is ready to help him. He’s her brother, after all, her brother whose anger can become incontrollable and destroy everything despite himself.



Nathan Ambrosioni was born in Grasse in the south of France in 1999. He made his first steps in filmmaking in 2014 and 2015 by filming two horror films with a voluntary team during school holidays, selected in festivals all around the world. In 2016, he wrote and filmed Ce qui nous reste , with Zoe Adjani, selected at Calgary IFF and San Fransisco IFF. Then he directed Joe , which won awards at Toulon and Carros and then he made The wind in your hair . Very inspired by filmmakers like Xavier Dolan, Jacques Audiard, Terrence Malick, he learnt even more during the summer with Three days in september , a medium-lentgh film with a bigger cast and crew. In 2018 he started his very first feature thanks to a CNC support: Paper Flags.



“I was inspired to write Les drapeaux de papier when I read an article about prisoners who had been released after serving their sentences: former detainees explained how they had had to reintegrate into society with no support from anyone, left to their own devices in a world that they no longer recognized. Shocked and moved by their stories, I started writing my screenplay. Release from prison is significant on so many levels: renewed contact with the past, reintegration into society but primarily, it’s about regaining freedom. For my first film I categorically wanted to address this. When we become adults, freedom is what preoccupies us the most – it fascinates us, sometimes scares us – it was always at the very core of all my questioning…so it was an obvious choice for me to talk about it through cinema. The ex-detainees speak of freedom in a unique way: it really is everything to them and it becomes so much more complicated, almost tangible. It was this viewpoint that both intrigued me and served as a guide for my film.”



2015 Au bord du lac (The Lake, short)

2015 Avec toi (short)

2016 Ce qui nous reste (First Breath, short)

2016 Joe (short)

2017 Le vent dans vos cheveux (The wind in your hair, short)

2017 Trois jours en septembre (Three days in september, medium)

2018 Les drapeaux de papier (Paper Flags)



2018 La Roche-sur-Yon IFF – Perspectives: Trajectoires Award, Audience Award

2019 Angers European FF– French First Features Competition: Audience Award