SEDOTTA E ABBANDONATA Seduced and Abandoned

1964 – 35mm – b/n – 118’


Direction: Pietro Germi

Screenplay: Pietro Germi, Luciano Vincenzoni, Age, Furio Scarpelli

Cinematography: Aiace Parolin

Editing: Roberto Cinquini

Set design: Carlo Egidi

Music: Carlo Rustichelli

Costumes: Carlo Egidi

Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Saro Urzì, Aldo Puglisi, Lando Buzzanca, Leopoldo Trieste, Rocco D’Assunta

Producer: Franco Cristaldi

Production: Lux-Ultra-Vides, Compagnie Cinématographique de France



A young woman, Agnese, is seduced by Peppino, her elder sister Matilde’s fiancée. Despite their attempts to keep the tryst secret, Agnese’s family discovers the truth. Don Vincenzo, her father, tries to force Peppino into a shotgun marriage with her, and manages to call off the engagement between him and Matilde, meanwhile struggling to keep everything hidden from the other people of the town, finding plenty of fanciful excuses. But Peppino won’t do what Vincenzo wants, so the latter tries to strong-arm him. The situation becomes more and more grotesque until it ends up in tribunal, where Peppino finally agrees to marry Agnese, but this time it’s the girl’s turn to oppose the decision. Vincenzo, however, doesn’t give up and keeps plotting to save the honour of his family.



“The film is a more than sardonic satire on that Sicilian society in which saving the so-called “honour” is of vital importance, where appearance is what matters (…), and where women are just decorative objects. A side of Sicily that still existed in Germi’s time and still hasn’t completely disappeared today. Sandrelli is charmingly unassuming and the great Saro Urzì (who plays the girl’s father) is powerful and hot-tempered. Germi’s satire has never been so sharp and stinging, and his style is amazing here. A masterpiece of the “commedia all’italiana”(Comedy Italian Style).”

(Morando Morandini,Dizionario dei film)



1964 Cannes Film Festival: Best Leading Actor

1964 David di Donatello Awards: Best Direction, Best Production

1965 Nastri d’Argento Silver Ribbons: Best Leading Actor, Supporting Actor, Screenplay, Producer