2019 – DCP – colore – 78’


Direction: Agostino Ferrente

Screenplay: Agostino Ferrente

Cinematography: Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando

Editing: Letizia Caudullo, Chiara Russo

Music: Andrea Pesce, Cristiano Defabriitis

Cast: Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando

Producers: Marc Berdugo, Barbara Conforti

Production: Arte France, Magneto with Casa delle Visioni, Rai Cinema, in collaboration with Istituto Luce Cinecittà



Naples, Traiano quarter, 2014. A 16-year-old boy, Davide, is shot dead by a Carabiniere who had mistaken him for a fugitive on therun. Alessandro and Piero are 16 too and live in the same quarter; they are close friends with totally different and complementarycharacters. They have accepted the director’s proposal to use the iPhone to make a live account of their own daily life, talking abouttheir friendship, their quarter as it becomes deserted in the midst of summer, and Davide’s tragedy. But while Alessandro wouldrather focus on the good things related to their friendship and the quarter, Pietro is not willing to hide anything. The self-narrationalternates with the cold images of the security cameras watching over the streets of the neighbourhood.



“I was interested in showing the gaze of these boys, focusing not so much on what they see (and what we all already know very well), as on their way of looking at things. And what the gaze of Alessandro and Piero expresses is the desire for a normal life, and therefore their clash with a world in which normality almost always means joining criminal gangs, and trying to escape from this is almost seen as an act of desertion. The quarter becomes, through the subjective viewpoint of the two boys who talk about it, a shelter where they can feel at home and the scene of their emotions, between fear and innocence, resignation and desire.”



2019 Berlinale – Panorama

2019 Cinéma du reel – Séances Spéciales

2019 Documenta Madrid – Fugas