2018 – DCP – colore – 91’


Direction: Marija Kavtaradze

Screenplay: Marija Kavtaradze

Cinematography: Laurynas Bareiša, Vytautas Katkus

Editing: Domas Petronis

Set design: Aurimas Akšys

Music: Domas Strupinskas

Costumes: Fausta Naujale

Cast: Indrė Patkauskaitė, Paulius Markevičius, Gelminė Glemžaitė

Producer: Marija Razgutė

Production: M-Films

World Sales: Heretic Outreach



An ambitious young research psychologist, Indre, who has reluctantly agreed to transport two patients from one psychiatric unit to another in exchange for research privileges at her clinic, finds herself the leader of a rather rag-tag band on the long journey to the sea. Outgoing Paulius is a young man whose manic stage of his bipolar disorder stands in great contrast to the introvert Juste whose wounds are hidden from sight, but they both struggle to fight the inner battles that define them. As they all navigate the survival process together, what looks like a carefree summer ride with friends sharing laughs from the outside, could actually be the beginning of healing in this bittersweet story that — just like summer — is full of hopes, surprises and the promise that anything is possible.



Born in 1991, film director and scriptwriter Marija Kavtaradzė graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Film Directing studies in 2014. One of her latest short fiction film I’m Twenty Something, 2014 won best student film at Lithuanian Film Academy Awards Silver Crane 2015. Marija Kavtaradzė also co-written the feature film The Saint dir. Andrius Blazevicius, that M- Films also produced, which was premiered at Busan IFF and Warsaw ISFF in 2016, later on had a theatrical release in Lithuania in 2017, with the box office of more than 250 000 €. Considered to be one of the most talented upcoming filmmakers in Lithuania, Marija Kavtaradze was granted support from Lithuanian Film Centre for her debut feature film Summer Survivors.



“I’ve made Summer Survivors since there is still a big stigma regarding mental health issues, not only in Lithuania, but in the whole world as well. It was essential for me to accurately portray the diagnoses that I chose for my characters in careful details, and also to show that having a mental disorder is just as natural, as having any other physical illness. From the first steps of writing the script and while making the film it was very important for me that the main characters, Paulius and Juste would be realistic, organic and believable, and that their diagnoses would not define them. At some moments we see that they have illnesses and they’re fighting with them, but in the next scene, looking from aside, no one could tell that these characters suffer from a mental disorder, since many of these illnesses are invisible – it was my aim to portray this. I wanted to create a feeling that the main characters are heroes who are fighting a war in their own heads. With this movie, I want to send my love to all the people, who understand what it’s like to fight this war – those who do survive, and those who cannot.”



2013 Youngblood (short)

2014 I’m Twenty Something (short)

2015 Iglu (Igloo, short)

2018 Išgy venti Vasarą (Summer Survivors)



2018 Toronto IFF – Discovery

2018 Athens International Film and Video Festival

2018 Reykjavík IFF – Competition

2019 Göteborg FF