2000 – 35mm – colore – 94’


Direction: Aleksandr Sokurov

Screenplay: Yury Arabov

Cinematography: Aleksandr Sokurov

Editing: Leda Semyonova

Set design: Natalia Kochergina

Music: Andrey Sigle

Costumes: Lidia Kryukova

Cast: Leonid Mozgovoi, Maria Kuznetsova, Natalia Nikulenko, Sergey Razhuk, Lev Eliseev, Nikolay Ustinov

Producer: Victor Sergeev

Production: Lenfilm, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, State Committee of Cinematography of Russia



Lenin, a man who changed the course of history and turned the world upside down, is about to die, surrounded by people he doesn’t even know, and by emptiness. The end is near and he knows it well. His body is helpless and his consciousness is fading away, but his will to fight and thirst for power never leave him. What goes on in his mind in these final months? Is he looking back at his life? Maybe he regrets that he can no longer change anything?



“A true cinematic painter, Sokurov moulds and transforms the visual material through filters and editing procedures. While the exteriors are immersed in the fog, in the interior scenes people are wrapped in a kind of thick and milky veil, which turns them into something halfway between real human beings and ghosts. But the amazing ending leads to a catharsis that is enough to appease even the most distressed viewer. Sitting in the garden, the dictator changes before our eyes into a Chekhovian character, as a hint of a smile appears on his lips, and the haze surrounding everything clears, showing a finally bright sky.” 

(Roberto Nepoti,la Repubblica,18 May 2001)



2000 Cannes Film Festival – Competition