TE LO LEGGO NEGLI OCCHI I Can See it in Your Eyes

2004 – 35mm – colore – 82′


Direction: Valia Santella

Screenplay: Valia Santella, Heidrun Schleef from a story by Valia Santella, Linda Ferri

Cinematography: Tommaso Borgstrom

Editing: Clelio Benevento

Set design: Eugenia F. di Napoli

Music: Paolo Fresu

Costumes: Maria Rita Barbera

Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Teresa Saponangelo, Camilla Di Nicola, Luigi Maria Burruano, Ernesto Mahieux

Producers: Nanni Moretti, Angelo Barbagallo

Production: Sacher Film



The story of three women belonging to three different generations, living between Rome and Naples, growing distant from one another and then getting closer again. A volcanic and unpredictable woman, Margherita is a singer facing a personal and professional crisis caused by a serious vocal cord damage. Chiara, her daughter, left her roots behind to move to Rome, where she now works as a speech therapist. Her relationship with her mother is mostly one of opposition and estrangement. The gap between the two of them is bridged by Lucia, Chiara’s daughter. To the little girl, her relationship with her grandmother is a breath of fresh air. And Margherita, through her granddaughter, manages to be the mother she couldn’t be to Chiara.



“I can see it in your eyes by Valia Santella, heir of a renowned family of Neapolitan theatricals, is, in its own way, an autobiographical story, enriched with the dialectics of family affections and the beautiful mess they sometimes create.”

(Maurizio Porro, Il corriere della sera, 11 September 2004)

“The film is made of movements of the soul rather than events and plotlines, and it certainly is a film by a woman. Saponangelo’s performance is extremely effective, and Sandrelli’s role seems tailor-made for her.”

(Paolo D’Agostini,la Repubblica, 4 September 2004 )



2004 Premio FICE Award: Best Actress (Teresa Saponangelo)