2018 – DCP – colore – 96’


Direction: Dragomir Sholev

Screenplay: Dragomir Sholev, Martin Iliev

Cinematography: Georgi Andreev

Editing: Vesela Vidolova, Dragomir Sholev

Set design: Jina Sheovska


Cast: Rumen Georgiev, Matthieu Goranov, Andrea Zahariev, Radena Valkanova, Pavel Poppandov, Jana Rasheva, Ivan Savov, Juri Angelov, Hristofor Nedkov, Dimitar Nikolov, Deyan Donkov, Yosif Shamli, Tania Shahova, Andrey Nikolov, Atanas Stoyanov

Producers: Elena Mosholova, Dragomir Sholev

Production: Gorilla Films Production in co-production with Nu Boyana Film Studios, B2Y, Screening Emotions, Papillon Film



Pig is a boy of 13. He is massy for his age and quite overweight. His parents are emigrants and he lives with his granny. Everyone at school offends him and every day he suffers the bully of his classmates. An outsider, lonesome and self – absorbed, he is left aside from the games of the other kids. One day he becomes a victim of another mockery attack by a new boy – Martin, who is trying to prove himself to his classmates by humiliating Pig. Martin tries to take his cell phone. In his attempt to get free from the scuffle, Pig instinctively fights back with just one, but probably lethal strike. The head of Martin hits the sink in the school toilet and he drops on the ground lifelessly. Pig is frightened, he rushes to the door. He runs away crying. He reaches a desolate secret place inside a large park in the town. He tries to turn himself in to the police, but his attempt is not successful, whether because he has trouble communicating or he just can not find the strength for telling the truth. He leaves the policemen without telling them about the incident. His curiosity and guilt bring him back to school..



Dragomir Sholev graduated the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria. After the success of his shorts Family, Habanera,Before Life, After Death and The Go-between , in 2009 Dragomir Sholev filmed the documentary Now and Forever which was presented with a large audience success at the 14th Sofia IFF. In 2010 he directed his first feature Shelter . The scenario was co-written with Razvan Radulescu, Melissa de Raaf and Dragomir Sholev. Shelter premiered at San Sebastian IFF and received 21 awards for its appearance at over 70 festivals around the world, among which Tromsø, Rotterdam, Göteborg, Sofia, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Festroia, Munich, La Rochelle, Haifa, Odessa, etc.



“Pig is a study of an outsider. The story takes place in a day of Stoyan’s life – a boy with a massive body – but somehow transparent to his classmates. Pig is a symptomatic nickname bearing heavy charges and directly expressing a certain kind of attitude. A classic conflict clarifies: the person against society. The lonesome guy against the group. The day Pig dares to exist, he needs to be punished. Why do the rest treat Pig in this way? Can it change? We will not answer these questions and we avoid any didactics. How Pig is treated is linked with a study of a certain bestiality in how nowadays Bulgaria grows, where power and authorities are being taken by “beasts”. In order to survive in modern society, Pig needs to become a bit animal to become more human. (…) We want to tell this story, because we know the protagonist and the situations. We are familiar with the world of this kind of relationship and we feel engaged with the theme. We are personally attached to the boy that everybody hates without a reason.”



2000 Natural Romance (animation)

2001 The Gambler (animation)

2002 Semeystvo (Family, short)

2003 Xaeahepa (Habanera, animation)

2003 Tryabva da ti kazha heshto (I have something to tell you, short)

2005 Predi zivota, sled smartta (Before Life, After Death, short)

2007 Hamlet from Hollywood (animation)

2008 The Go-between (short)

2009 Sega i zavinagi (Now and Forever, documentary)

2010 Podslon (Shelter)



2016 Independent Film Festival: Danny Lerner Award by Nu Boyana Film Studios for Best Project in Development