2018 – 35mm – DCP – 87’


Direction: Margherita Ferri

Screenplay: Margherita Ferri

Cinematography: Marco Ferri

Editing: Mauro Rossi

Set design: Nicola Bruschi

Music: Alicia Galli, Riccardo Vandelli, Antonello Sabatini, Aldo Dursi

Cast: Eleonora Conti, Susanna Acchiardi, Fabrizia Sacchi, Edoardo Lomazzi, Ruben Nativi, Alexandra Gaspar

Producers: Chiara Galloni, Ivan Olgiati

Production: Articolture



Maia, dubbed ZEN, is a restless and lonely 16-year-old girl living in a small village on the Emilian Apennines. She is the only girl inthe local hockey team, and her schoolmates regularly bully her for being a tomboy. When Vanessa – the charming and confusedgirlfriend of a member of the team – runs away from home and hides in the mountain hut belonging to Maia’s mother, the two girlsestablish a relationship and Maia manages, for the first time, to confess to someone else her doubts about her own sexual identity.Driven by the need to escape the roles their small community expects them to play, Maia and Vanessa embark on a journey todiscover their own identity and sexuality, that are fluid and restless as only the teen years can be.



She was born in Imola, where, at a very early age, she began to devote herself to theatre and video production. During University, shespent a year at the UCLA School of Film and Television. After entering the Directing course of the Centro Sperimentale diCinematografia (National Experimental Film School), she made short films, worked as a set assistant and later as a backstage directorand second unit director. She also started an activity as a TV filmmaker. Her graduation work at the School was a documentary shotin Kenya, and later on she made web-series and docu-series for Rai3 channel.ZEN in the Ice Riftis her first fiction feature film.



2013 Premio Solinas Award: Special Mention for the Story

2018 Fair Play Cinema Award: Special Mention