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A young widow is forced by necessity to work the streets at night, looking for profitable flings. One night she comes across a country man who is momentarily in Rome in search of love affairs

ITALY 1952 – 35mm – b/n - 84’ Direction: Aldo Fabrizi Screenplay: Aldo Fabrizi, Ruggero Maccari, Mario Amendola Cinematography: Mario Bava Editing: Nella Nannuzzi Set design: Carlo Vignati Music: Enrico Simeone, Carlo Innocenzi Cast: Aldo Fabrizi, Ave Ninchi, Giovanna Ralli, Carlo Delle Piane, Giancarlo Zarfati , Gianna Segale, Paolo Stoppa, Armando Annuale, Marco Tulli, Gondrano Trucchi, Enrico Luzi, Franco Giacobini,

The fourth and last episode of anthology film Of Life and Love, based on four short stories by Pirandello. An old professor, invited to the wedding of a very poor former student, borrows a tailcoat from a neighbour

When cavaliere Peppe Valenzi, known as Passaguai (meaning someone who always gets in trouble), decides to take advantage of an employee discount to spend a Sunday at the Fiumicino seaside with his wife and children, a series of troubles begin for everyone, in the form of a funny nightmare.

Primary school teacher Giovanni Merino, who was widowed soon after the birth of his only child, has applied for and obtained a transfer from his home village to a town school.

Cesare Mancini, a tram driver, is an extremely skilful bowler; and his uncommon skill irritates the tram inspector, who begins to inexorably notice and report any infringement of the rules by Mancini himself.