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Küçük Seyler


2019 – DCP – color – 94’


Direction: KIvanç Sezer

Screenplay: KIvanç Sezer

Cinematography: Hatip Karabudak

Editing: Selda Taskin

Set design: Alceste Wegner, Reyhan Acar

Music: Can Saka, Turgut Mavuk

Costumes: Nilüfer Güzel, Selin Togay Milovanoviç

Cast: Alican Yücesoy, Basak Özcan, Bülent Emrah Parlak, Müfit Kayacan, Ece Dizdar, Zeynep Dinsel, Seda Türkmen, Nihal Koldas

Producers: Kanat DogramacI, Tolga Karaçelik, KIvanç Sezer with Kaan Korkmaz, Hatip Karabudak

Production: Asteros, Karaçelik Film in co-production with Zebra Productions, Bando Post Production House, IsIk Sanat


Hard times come for Onur and Bahar who live in a remote housing complex when Onur is sacked from his job. While Onur detaches from reality and denies his actual situation, Bahar by the time feels abyss in her soul. La Belle Indifférence tells lives of corporate middle class people through a couple in episodic narration. Solitude remains throughout changing climates. Onur and Bahar comes to a threshold about their relationship and we witness their fights, nightmares, absurd memories and situations while their body and soul transform.




He was born in 1982, Ankara. After studying engineering he moved to Italy, and followed courses on editing in Cineteca di Bologna. He worked for several documentaries for TV as editor and assistant. Meanwhile he produced and directed two shorts which were shown in various platforms. His debut My Father’s Wings premiered in 51. Karlovy Vary Film Festival Main Competition. During its journey the film got 24 awards in more than 50 festivals nationally and internationally. His second feature La Belle Indifférence premiered 54. Karlovy Vary Main Competition as well.


“La Belle Indifférence designed as second chapter of the housing trilogy after the first chapter My Father’s Wings. This trilogy speaks about the three essential pods of the real estate sector: worker, consumer and builder. After very tragic story of the construction worker Ibrahim we now focus on the life of a good-looking couple who buys a –at from the very same building but in a different narrative style. This trilogy reveals how real estate sector effects dramatically people’s lives from different section of society which is the driving force of Turkish economy in the last 10 years.”



2009 Children of Turabdin (doc.)

2011 How Much (short)

2012 Game of Hera (short)

2016 Babamin Kanatlari (My Father’s Wings)

2019 Küçük Seyler (La Belle Indifférence)



2019 Karlovy Vary IFF – Concorso Internazionale International Competition

2019 Antalya Golden Orange FF – : Miglior Attore Best Actor, Premio Speciale della Giuria Dr. Avni Tolunay Dr. Avni Tolunay Jury’s Special Award, Premio Cahide Sonku per il Montaggio Cahide Sonku Award for Editing

2019 Malatya IFF: Miglior Film, Attore, Attrice Best Film, Actor, Actress

2019 International Crime and Punishment FF (Istanbul): Premio Speciale della Giuria Jury Special Award