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2019 – DCP – color – 95’

Direction: Patrice Toye
Screenplay: Patrice Toye, Peter Seynaeve
Cinematography: Richard Van Oosterhout
Editing: Ewin Ryckaert, David Verdurme
Set design: Vincent de Pater
Music: John Parish
Costumes: Manon Blom
Cast: Tijmen Govaerts, Julia Brown, Ina Geerts, Greet Verstraete, Line Pillet, Jackie Gilles
Producers: Antonino Lombardo, Hanneke Niens, Hans De Wolf, Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Christophe Toulemonde
Production: Prime Time, KeyFilm, Versus Production, Belga Productions
Sales: Be for Films

Jonathan, a kind-hearted young man, is released from prison due to lack of evidence. He returns to his mother who lives in a small house by the dunes. Jonathan wants to forget the past and is determined to become a different and better person. But even though he strictly adheres to the rules, his good intentions are soon put to the test when a young woman moves in next to him with her small daughter.



THE DIRECTOR: Toye earned a degree in film direction at the prestigious Sint-Lucas school in Brussels. She directed several short films, docs and tv shows for VRT, VTM and VPRO. Her first film, Rosie (1998) was acclaimed by the public and critics, distributed in 12 countries and it was also selected and awarded at a number of festivals (Berlin, Toronto, Thessaloniki, …). Gezocht: Man (2005), a madefor- TV-movie, was also chosen for the Rotterdam IFF. (N)Iemand (2008) after its premiere at the Venice FF, won the NHK Int. Filmmakers Prize at the Sundance, benefited from Wim Wenders’ personal support and was chosen for a number of festivals. Little Black Spiders, opening film for the Ostend FF in 2012, won the Best Director award at Arras and Best Screenplay, Best Feature-Length Fiction and Best Direction in Vancouver. Patrice gives classes in audiovisual arts at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels.



“In this film, I wanted to depict a deeply layered and humane portrait of a young man with a complex personality, a very good person at heart who, however, is prone to disastrous impulses. In my mind, it’s the story of a man torn between the good and evil that reside in each one of us. This film points at our extreme solitude when we are struggling with our most intimate thoughts and feelings.(…) In this era where oversimplification reigns, where the world is black or white, I believe there’s a great need for nuance. A world in which we consider others as nothing more than strangers distresses me greatly. If we took a good look at ourselves, we’d see what complex creatures we are. The other is a mirror in which we probably all can recognize fragments of ourselves. As Kieslowski said: understanding is the first step. And trying to understand something doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with it or approve of it.”



1990 Tout ce qu’elle veut
1992 Vrouwen willen trouwen (short)
1993 Altijd ander water (short)
1994 Stad in zicht
1996 Stoute schoenen (TV movie)
1997 L’amant de Maman (TV movie)
1998 Rosie
2005 Gezocht: Man (TV movie)
2008 (N)Iemand (Nowhere Man)
2012 Little Black Spiders
2019 Muidhond



2019 Ghent IFF: Premio del Pubblico Audience Award
2020 Rotterdam IFF
2020 Göteborg IFF – Five Continents
2020 Taipei FF – World Cinema
2020 New Zealand IFF
2020 Atlantida FF