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2019 – DCP – colore – 111’

Direction: Nadège Trebal
Screenplay: Nadège Trebal
Cinematography: Jean-Christophe Beauvallet
Editing: Cédric Le Floc’h
Set design: Guillaume Landron, Hervé Coqueret, Nicolas Flipo
Music: Rodolphe Burger
Costumes: Laetitia Pommier
Cast: Arieh Worthalter, Nadège Trebal, Liv Henneguier, Françoise Lebrun, Florence Thomassin
Producers: Mathieu Bompoint, Gilles Sandoz
Production: Mezzanine Films in co-production with Maia Productions
World sales: Shellac

While he loses his clandestine work, and because he believes that Maroussia and him will no longer be able to love each other as well, Frank leaves to earn as much as she: twelve thousand, just what it takes to have a year before them. No more no less.
In the course of his proletarian odyssey, he becomes the hero he dreamed of being. But there is a price to pay…



THE DIRECTOR: After studying Literature at the Sorbonne, from 2002 to 2006 Nadège Trebal attended the Fémis, studying Screenwriting. She then devoted herself to co-writing, in particular with Claire Simon, for Ça Brûle (2006) and Les Bureaux de Dieu (2008). Afterwards, she made two feature documentaries for the big screen, Bleu Pétrole in 2012, and Casse in 2014. Her encounters on both film sets with male exponents of the trade union and industry sector inspired her to write and direct her first fictional feature: Twelve Thousand.


“It’s a love story set in a hostile environment. Liberalism goes after men even in their beds to press them to go and fight. Will the shame of not having a job and a place in the world kill their relationship? During his odyssey, Frank meets other women. One after another, they protect him from himself and, against all odds, guide him towards his path. Frank stays true to them, almost inadvertently. (…) Frank asks himself how to make money without having a job. He comes up with a bunch of minor solutions, little miracles. He does everything he can: dancing, selling cigarettes, stealing (…) One of the driving forces of the film is that we follow the money as if it were a character, how it passes from one hand to another, and from one country to another. (…) I wanted to create the man of my dreams, a mythical creature with so many strings to his bow, but of course that’s not realistic!”


2012 Bleu Pétrole (doc)
2013 Casse (doc)
2019 Douze mille (Twelve Thousand)


2019 Locarno FF – Concorso Competition
2019 Sarajevo IFF – Kinoscope
2019 Ghent IFF – Concorso Competition
2020 Göteborg IFF