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ANDATE A LAVORARE – Dams, la nascita di un mito

ANDATE A LAVORARE – Dams, la nascita di un mito

ANDATE A LAVORARE – Dams, la nascita di un mito

10 novembre > SALA 1 ore 18

Italy – 2021 – colore – 60’


Direction: Ambrogio Lo Giudice

Screenplay: Cristiano Governa, Ambrogio Lo Giudice

Cinematography: Marcello Dapporto

Editing: Paolo Marzoni 

Set design: Gianpietro Huber

Music: Francesco Lo Giudice

Costumes: Francesca Brunori

Cast: Olga Rui Marchiò, Patrizio Roversi, Lorenzo Volpi e con Renato Barilli, Paola Bistrot, Pino Canucci, Eugenia Casini Ropa, Furio Colombo, Cheti Corsini, Michela Deni, Giulia Frate, Paolo Fresu, Milena Gabanelli, Gianpaolo Gandolfi, Paolo Granata, Roberto Grandi, Gianpietro Huber, Igor Tuveri “Igort”, …

Producer: Giorgio Ciani

Production: Genoma Films



The DAMS (Faculty of Performing Arts) has its own voice, individual but also collective, a voice that contains as many voices as those of the protagonists we will gradually meet. To tell this story we will use the narrative device of a love story between a He and a She. More than a love story, an “amorous vis-a-vis”. A sort of open letter that this fictitious He (the DAMS) sends to a mysterious She to take stock of their first fifty years “together”. Theirs is a quite peculiar story, for example he has not understood whether she has left him or not, or whether she expects something special, a proof of love. “You will always remain a child, you will never do anything – she told him before walking away under the porch – what kind of life would I have with you?” This documentary film is a letter in which the DAMS answers that question and, through the narration of his own story, tells her what became of what she asked: “What have I done?” “Now I’ll tell you…”



Andate a lavorare is a journey back into the future that arrives at the present day, a way to pick up (through the voices of some of the past and present protagonists) the threads of memory of those years and the history of this experiment/University department that was initially the only one in Italy and then happily “infected” many other cities. Andate a lavorare (Go to work!) was the phrase that the people in Bologna used to mutter, more or less benevolently, in the presence of a DAMS student. The funny thing is that they themselves, the young DAMS students, hoped they would work thanks to what they were learning, because precisely that (the DAMS) was the dream factory for many young Italians. But what is the real story of that handful of utopians who, forty years ago, decided that the time had come for them to ruin their lives in order to be happy?”