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Hungary – 1970 – colore – 118’


Direction: István Szabó

Screenplay: István Szabó

Cinematography: József Lrinc

Editing: György Sívó

Set design: Tamás Vayer

Music: János Gonda

Costumes: Erzsébet Mialkovszky

Cast: András Bálint, Judit Halász, Edit Kelemen, András Szamosfalvy, Rita Békés, Lycina Winnicka

Producer: Tibor Dimény

Production: Mafilm Studio 3



A lyrical film that tells a love story through the time of memories. Jancsi, a young man, goes on a long train journey from Budapest to Paris to find Kata, the girl with whom he shared countless childhood and youthful experiences, who left Hungary after the 1956 Revolution. During the journey, Jancsi retraces the events of his life linked to Kata, also reconstructing in a subjective way the Hungarian history of those years.



Love Film is the third instalment in Szabó’s trilogy of demystification. Álmodozások kora (The Age of Daydreaming) is about the demystification of the “dear deceptions” of youth. Apa (Father) is the demystification of the Vaterbindung (father tie), of the simulacrum of the paternal tutelary deity. Szerelmesfilm (Love Film) offers a demystification of romantic love, of its laborious insincerity. Szabó is not interested in the anamnesis of the “myth” of love, but in its physiognomy and physiology. Our time, which seemed so willing to sweep away all myths, finds itself instead drenched in intellectual myths emerging from the humus of a socio-economic reality that is much more aggressive than that of the past.” (Bruno De Marchi, István Szabó, Il Castoro Cinema No. 37, January 1977)



1970 Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – Official Selection