ITALY – 2021 – DCP – color – 142’

Direction: Sergio Rubini
Screenplay: Sergio Rubini, Carla Cavalluzzi, Angelo Pasquin
Cinematography: Fabio Cianchetti
Editing: Giogiò Franchini
Set design: Paola Comencini
Music: Nicola Piovani
Costumes: Maurizio Millenotti
Cast: Mario Autore (Eduardo De Filippo), Domenico Pinelli (Peppino De Filippo), Anna Ferraioli Ravel (Titina De Filippo), Giancarlo Giannini (Eduardo Scarpetta), Marianna Fontana (Adelina Carloni), Biagio Izzo (Vincenzo Scarpetta), Susy Del Giudice (Luisa De Filippo), Marisa Laurito (Rosa De Filippo), Vincenzo Salemme (Riccardo Ruggiti), Maurizio Casagrande (Giacomo Cinque), Maurizio Micheli (Nicola Urcioli), Giovanni Esposito (commander Capece), Nicola Di Pinto (Carluccio), Augusto Zucchi (Milanese enterpreneur), Lucianna De Falco (usurer), Jennifer Bianchi (Dorothy Pennington), Francesco Maccarinelli (Pietro Carloni), Antonio Milo (commander Aulicino), Christian Chiummariello (young Peppino), Giovanni Corsicato (young Eduardo), Anna Paola Minardi (young Titina)
Producers: Maria Grazia Saccà, Agostino Saccà, Marco Balsamo,Pietro Peligra
Production: Pepito Produzioni, Nuovo Teatro, Rs Production con Rai Cinema


Early 20th century. The three brothers Peppino, Titina and Eduardo live with their beautiful young mother, Luisa De Filippo.There’s no father in the family, or rather he hides in the shoes of “uncle” Eduardo Scarpetta, the most famous, wealthy and acclaimed actor and playwright of his time. Although he doesn’t acknowledge his natural children, Scarpetta has introduced them tothe world of theatre since their childhood. At his death, his legitimate children share his heritage, while Titina, Eduardo and Peppino get nothing. To them, however, “uncle” Scarpetta has passed on a special gift: his great talent; such talent was not sharedby his legitimate son Vincenzo, also an actor and playwright, now owner of his father’s company. Redemption from the painful family history passes through the formation of the De Filippo trio…

“I fratelli De Filippois the tale at the origin of the legend. A tale about the youth of the three siblings, about their patiently concealed desire for redemption. The director tries to capture Eduardo, Titina and Peppino’s youthful enthusiasm, their sacrificesand their revolutionary spirit. Their theatre curtain opens on the streets of Naples, on everyday life, just like the curtain of their bedroom, from which they peeked at their “uncle” and their mother. Rubini’s vision is extremely encouraging. From pain, poverty, discrimination it is possible to be reborn and create art.” (Giorgio Amadori,Sentieri selvaggi, 24 October 2021)“(…) once again, the glorious Neapolitan theatre returns on the scene with a filmic work that is already a masterpiece.I fratelli De Filippois proof that Sergio Rubini is truly an all-round artist and a director with taste, skilled in the creation of deep, sublime andexciting works of art.I fratelli De Filippo celebrates man, theatre and the new form of art that the three have promoted with their acting role and also with their tough character, certainly inherited from their father. Rubini’s film wants to depart from the figure of Scarpetta, played for the occasion by a tireless Giancarlo Giannini. It leaves tyrant Scarpetta’s nest to narrate a story of misery,love for theatre and hatred; the story of three geniuses who have managed to make their experience a means of expression.”(Lorenzo Borzuola,der Zweifel, 19 December 2021)

2022 Bifest – Italian Competition: Best Score
2022 David di Donatello Awards: Best Music
2022 Silver Ribbons: Best Music “Leonora addio”
2022 Award Amidei: Sergio Rubini, Carla Cavalluzzi, Angelo Pasquini for the Screenplay
2022 Globi d’Oro, Italia: Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack