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I giganti

13 novembre > SALA 2 ore 17

Italy – 2021 – colore – 80’


Direction: Bonifacio Angius

Screenplay: Bonifacio Angius, Stefano Defenu

Cinematography: Bonifacio Angius in collaborazione con ASCASO DREAMS

Editing: Bonifacio Angius

Set design: Salvatore Angius; Luca Noce

Sound: Federico Tummolo 

Cast: Bonifacio Angius, Stefano Defenu, Michele Manca, Riccardo Bombagi, Stefano Manca, Francesca Niedda, Noemi Medas, Roberta Passaghe, Mila Angius

Producers: Bonifacio Angius

Production: Il Monello Film con il contributo di Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission

World sales: Coccinelle Film Sales



A reunion among old friends. A remote house in a forgotten valley. Many memories, bullets, and love stories from the abyss.



Director, screenwriter, actor, director of photography and producer. After making several short films awarded in numerous international festivals, he shot his first feature film, Perfidia (2014), presented in Competition at the Locarno International Film Festival (Junior Jury Award), and then at the festivals of Montreal, Hamburg and Annecy (Special Mention of the Jury). The film was a finalist for the Verdone Award and was included by MiBACT among the thirty films of excellence released in the calendar year 2014/2015. His second feature, Ovunque proteggimi, premiered at the 56th Turin FF with great reception from critics and audience. His latest short film, Destino, was presented as Closing Special Event of the International Critics’ Week at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Since 2013, Angius has been CEO of the film production company Il Monello Film.



The Giants is a film born in circumstances and suggestions linked to the sad and challenging period we are all facing together. It is a story full of anger, pain, tenderness, fragility, fury, irony, cynicism and violence, sometimes obscured, sometimes overt, devious and premeditated. Violence in gestures and thoughts, in looks and words, as an invisible engine of the characters’ actions and, through the portrait of a small self-destructive world, elementary form of human action. “The idea for the film came from the need to lay bare the fragility of human relationships and show their imbalance, using the medium of film to try and shed light on their darker, nostalgic, sinister and melancholic sides. Time has passed inexorably, and our characters are left with nothing but emptiness and nostalgia for a youth that will never return, even though they are anything but old in terms of age. The Giants is a film of ghosts, of losers, trying clumsily to live a moment of lightness, to enjoy a life in which none of them has been able to understand the essence of that moment which is called, fearfully, happiness”. Life is an illusion in which, among the stars, you look for comets that never pass, shooting stars that crash in the dark, without giving us even the time to express our last wish. I like to define this story as if it were a philosophical work written by an idiot, who in the embarrassment, in the cowardice of self-sabotage, unknowingly managed to talk about the highest ideas without being asked. The Giants is a lost dream, a forgotten dream of cinema, that I have tried with all my strength to bring back to the screen. And although my words seem so pessimistic – and they certainly are – my greatest love, cinema, has showed up once again to save me. It gave me the strength to smile, to rejoice and to be aware that the word “end” cannot be written, even if we are down and think we can never get up again. Now, a deep, wise, sincere, sweet, and yes, cruel tale is born. But then again, what is life? It’s a great adventure with a thousand faces, in which you cannot escape feeling every thrill, positive, negative, or neutral, floating in the abyss of doubt of existence. And it gives me hope to know that despite everything, if you go looking for it, you always find something positive, you always find a new dream to realize. And that, even in the darkness of this traffic jam, you can still try to give yourself a shot in the arm, to try to be reborn stronger than before.”



2010 Sagràscia (short)  

2014 Perfidia

2016 Domenica (short)

2018 Ovunque proteggimi

2019 Destino (short)

2021 I giganti



2021 Locarno FF – International Competition

2021 Annecy Cinéma Italien Festival – CompetitionBest Direction,  Junior Junior Jury Award