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1958 – 35mm – b/w – 96’

Direction: Aldo Fabrizi
Screenplay: Aldo Fabrizi, José Gallardo, Luis Lucas
Cinematography: Manuel Merino, Antonio Macasoli
Editing: Antonietta Zita, Pedro del Rey
Set design: Eduardo Torre de la Fuente
Music: Carlo Innocenzi
Costumes: Humberto Cornejo
Cast: Aldo Fabrizi, Edoardo Nevola, Julia Caba Alba, Mary Lamar, Alfredo Mayo, José Calvo, Julio San Juan, Félix Fernández, Marco Paoletti
Production: Gladiator Film, Union Film



Primary school teacher Giovanni Merino, who was widowed soon after the birth of his only child, has applied for and obtained a transfer from his home village to a town school. His aim is to ensure a better future for his son Antonio, who follows him and continues his studies in the class where his father has been assigned, a boys section in a big and old boarding school. The teacher has a great passion for painting, and as his son is also very talented in the artistic field, along with the transfer he asked to establish an art academy in his new town…



“When a good comedian moves out of his natural element to play real and human characters, he often exceeds the limits of an ordinary performance and delivers us something perfect, until reaching the exasperation of sensitivity and the sublimation of feeling. That’s why we can say that Aldo Fabrizi, in The Teacher and the Miracle, has surpassed himself and exceeded all our expectations.” (L’Araldo dello Spettacolo, 10/2/1958)


1957 Mostra di Venezia Venice IFF– Information Section
1957 National Entertainment Union, Spain: Best Screenplay
1958 Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain: Best Original Story