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7 novembre > SALA 2 ore 18

Italy – 2020 – colore e b/n – 80’


Direction: Alessandro Preziosi

Screenplay: Carmelo Pennisi, Tommaso Mattei, Alessandro Preziosi

Cinematography: Maura Morales Bergman

Editing: Sara Zavarise

Music: Giacomo Vezzani

Cast: Alessandro Preziosi, Simonetta Cartia con la partecipazione di with the participation of Pierluigi Bersani, Tanino Bonifacio, Angelo Borrelli, Patrizia Bruno, Patrizio Cianfrini, Mario Cucinella, Erri De Luca, Rosario De Maria, Filippo Ignazio Drago, Grazia Francescato, Maria Garimberti, Francesco Merlo, Sergio Pirozzi, Giulio Sapelli, Vittorio Sgarbi, Ivo Soncini

Production: Khora film with Rai Cinema in association with Istituto Luce-Cinecittà



A visual, historical, but above all emotional journey into one of the hearts of Italy’s physical and psychic history, earthquakes. If Italy is a body, an earthquake is a blow to the heart. Alessandro Preziosi, who directs, lends his voice and stars in the film, witnessed the Irpinia earthquake in 1980, when he was very young. His journey takes us to the Belìce area, hit in 1968, and then to Friuli, Assisi, L’Aquila, Amatrice. Earthquakes, but also experiences, humanity, reconstruction. Along with extraordinary archive documents, exceptional and touching testimonies, passages and filming in places of great symbolic value, such as the Cretto di Gibellina (crack of Gibellina) eternalised by the genius of Alberto Burri, and a sophisticated and at the same time emotional gaze, the film draws a surprising map of something that has always touched us deeply.



“We live in a time when people are losing their faith for the same reason their parents had it: they do not know why. A bitter truth, which identifies a kind of disease that sometimes goes by the name of indifference. One never wants to look deeply into the reasons for a life choice, for a path taken, for a drift in which one lets oneself be dragged like a dry branch along the flow of a river. La legge del terremoto attempts not only to bring the focus of our daily lives back to the memory of catastrophic events that have marked the last fifty years of the country in which I live – Italy – but also to bring to the viewers’ attention how important it is to reconstruct, through urgent choices, what has been lost in a few seconds.”



2020 Festa del Cinema di Roma – Special Screenings