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It’s a Hard Life

8 novembre > SALA 3 ore 20

Italy – 1964 – 35mm – b/n – 100’


Direction: Carlo Lizzani

Screenplay: Sergio Amidei, Luciano Vincenzoni, Carlo Lizzani dal romanzo di from the novel by Luciano Banciardi

Cinematography: Erico Menczer

Editing: Franco Fraticelli

Set design: Enrico Tovaglieri

Music: Piero Piccioni

Cast: Ugo Tognazzi, Giovanna Ralli, Giampiero Albertini, Nino Krisman, Rossana Martini, Elio Crovetto, Pippo Starnazza

Producer: E. Nino Krisman

Production: Film Napoleon



Luciano Bianchi works as a cultural attaché for a major company producing chemicals, but he is fired on the same day that an explosion devastates the town’s mine, killing 43 workers. Determined to take revenge on the ruthless company, Luciano goes to Milan with a plan to blow up the headquarters skyscraper. In the city, however, he meets Anna, a young journalist working for a left-wing newspaper, and falls in love with her. After moving in with her, Luciano starts to inspect the skyscraper and looks for work to support himself, taking on various jobs. He even ends up being rehired by the same company he wanted to destroy, and so he forgets his initial purpose.



“Of course. I have grown with the roles I have played, I’ve evolved and transformed as my career developed and shaped itself. In the beginning, I was just myself in my original state: the Roman girl with sparkling eyes and teeth, quarrelsome and jovial. Then came Rossellini and I became more mature and aware. After 1960 I began to deal with a more current and complex reality, from It’s a Hard Life to The Escape, and I discovered new anxieties and conflicts, I even changed physically, just as my tastes, inclinations, way of dressing and even make-up style changed.” (Giovanna Ralli, intervista a Sandro Villa, Tempo, year XXXII, No. 42, 17 October 1970)



1964 Karlovy Vary IFF: Fipresci Award