ITALY – 2022 – DCP – color e b/w – 75’

Direction: Antonio Silvestre
Screenplay: Antonio Silvestreda un’idea di Claudia Segre
Cinematography: Nicola Saraval
Editing: Daniele Tullio
Set design: Maurizio Kovacs
Music: Matteo Sartini
Cast: Stefania Pascali (Stella), Giulia Cappelletti (Giulia), con le testimonianze di Arianna, Cristina, Luana, Rita, le interviste di Valentina Attanasio, Sabina Malagoli, Federica Montesardi, Elisabetta Priano, Claudia Segre, Serena Spagnolo, Domenico Vassallo
Producer: Mario Tani
Production: Mac Film
Distribution: Associak Distr.


Unknowingly slipping into a prison without bars, of inadequacy and alienation.”Libere di vivereis a documentary film that deals with the delicate issue of economic violence. Through first-hand accounts and interviews, and thanks to a film reconstruction, we will watch the story of those who have suffered violence and found the strength to get up again

I approached Libere di… Vivere on tiptoe, with the respect that such a delicate topic deserves ? a topic that sees us men in the roleof antagonists or, worse, negative protagonists. Having been attracted to the pages written in recent years by the Global Thinking Foundation, I deepened the study of this subject and tried to delve into a reality that is totally unknown to most people. Several times,during the filming and post-production of the film, I found myself wiping the tears from my eyes and from those of the people aroundme; a profound cultural revolution is needed to let the new generations reverse the dangerous course that led us into a dark tunnel.This project’s message consists in reflection and hope and makes this documentary, in my view, a necessary film.”

2022 Love Film Festival, Perugia
2022 Ariano IFF: Premio della Giuria Studenti
2022 Matera IFF
2022 Boden IFF
2022 Barcelona Indie Awards