UCRAINA – 2022 – DCP – colore – 105’

Direction: Antonio Lukich
Screenplay: Antonio Lukich
Cinematography: Misha Lubarsky
Editing: Oleksandr Chornyi, Ivan Bannikov, Olexander Legostaev
Scenorafia: Vlad Odudenko
Set design: Asia Sutiahina
Cast: Amil Nasirov (Kolya), Ramil Nasirov (Vasya), Lyudmyla Sachenko (Larysa Petrivna), Natalia Gnitii (madre), Victor Drapikovsky (zio Lyosha)
Producers: Vladimir Yatsenko, Anna Yatsenko
Production: ForeFilms
World Sales: Celluloid Dreams


There are many beautiful places to die. Luxembourg is not one of them. But beautiful or not, Luxembourg makes dying very expensive. When twin brothers hear that their long-absent father is sick in Luxembourg, they set out on a journey to see him one last time. Will the man they find be the bad-ass father they remember?


“As with any film d’auteur,
is an attempt to explore and deal with aspects of my own life. Most people only want to know good things about their parents we tend to make them our heroes and understand them as the people they are not or might not be. This story is an attempt to demythologize and understand the figure of the father.
Despite the fact that there are funny moments in it, this film is not a comedy at a stretch, you might call it a tragicomedy. This is a story about small people who are looking for their big father. In a small country like Luxembourg, there is, of course, a place for conflict and comedy. The tragicomedy genre most closely reflects what real life is like. To quote Alla Samoylenko our casting director: “life is full of pain and miracles”.

2022 Mostra di Venezia – Horizons
2022 Toronto IFF – Official Selection
2022 Chicago IFF – New Directors Competition