ITALY – 2022 – DCP – color – 61’

Direction: Nico Capogna
Script: Nico Capogna, Claudia Lucia Ostuni
Screenplay: Nico Capogna
Cinematography: Nicola Pappalettera
Editing: Mattia Soranzo, Nico Capogna, Stefano Nestola
Sound: Tommaso Danisi, Cristiano Colella
Cast: Vittorio Domenico Fornaro, Alessandro Marescotti, Valerio Cecinati, Salvatore Romeo, Vanessa Mattia, Carla Lucarelli, Sabrina Corisi, Mirko Maiorino, Virginia Rondinelli, Claudio Natile, Marcello Colao, Paolo Pietro Corti, Pietro Paolo Crocetta, Giulio Bunanno, Donato Farro, Leo Pedone, Andrea Trisciuoglio, Fabrizio Dentini, Alberico Nobile, Gianluca Delle Fontane (Giornalista TV), Federica Ferro (voce fuori campo italiana), Jodi Hutton (voce fuori campo inglese)
Produzione: Cidiemme srl in associazione con Apulia Film Commission, MIBAC, Bio Hemp Trade, Canapar, CANNA Italia, Sensi Seeds


Milvais a mockumentary set in the future, precisely in 2036. In this near future, the Ilva steel plant in Taranto has become a factory for the production of hemp. Its buildings are no longer used and have been redeveloped, which led to the creation of the Milva Museum: its purpose is to leave a trace, a historical memory of what man must no longer commit. There will be no references related to the current political and economic realities because the intent of the mockumentary is not to make a journalistic investigation. The only purpose of the film is to make people think and dream.

“All the buildings no longer used are polished and converted to be a museum center. That’s how MILVA, ILVA’s museum, is born: to leave a trace, a historical memory of what man must no longer do and of the mistakes he must no longer commit ? of the old logics that the man of the future has almost completely abandoned. The goal of this documentary is to make us reflect on the economy, on globalization and liberalism, on oil, on the disinformation that has been made about hemp (and Marijuana) and, last but not least, to denounce the environmental havoc produced by the ILVA plant, all seen from a positive and proactive point of view.There is no accusation, because we see everything from a future perspective.”


2022 CortoDino Film Festival