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11 novembre > SALA 2 ore 19

France, Belgium – 2020 – colore – 104’


Direction: Jan Kounen

Screenplay: Fabrice Roger-Lacan, Jan Kounen, Vincent Lindon

Cinematography: Guillaume Schiffman

Editing: Anny Danché

Set design: Marie-Hélène Sulmoni

Music: Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen, Jérôme Rebotier, Agoria, Nicolas Becker

Costumes: Olivier Bériot

Cast: Vincent Lindon, François Damiens, Pascale Arbillot, Alix Poisson

Producer: Richard Grandpierre

Production: Eskwad in co-production with Pathé Films, TF1 Studio Production, Unmedia

World Sales: The Festival Agency



Pierre is the highly successful CEO of a large family-owned company. Before signing the deal of the century, he has to settle one last formality: obtain the signature of his cousin Adrien who owns 50% of his firm. This sweet, idealistic dreamer, who makes one blunder after another, is so happy to see Pierre again that he wants to spend time with him and delay the moment of signing. So Pierre has no choice but to take his cousin with him on a turbulent business trip during which his patience will be put to the test.



“I tried to find things inside his story that made me feel good, hoping that if I felt good, the audience would feel good too. It always comes down to this: you have to do things with passion so that it can be transmitted. For My Cousin, I had to translate the interiority of the two heroes. I started by inventing dreams and nightmares for them, and then I looked for ways to derail them. For example, in order for Pierre Pastié to let go and understand the narrow vision of the world that his daily life as a boss locks him into, he had to be pushed to fly off the handle, and for it to be funny, the one who pushes him to the limit had to be the one he can’t stand and who drives him crazy. But because we had to take into account the final tone of the film, which is sentimental and emotional, the derailments are gentle, homeopathic and progressive.”



2020 French Film Festival, Singapore