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North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kossovo, Slovenia – 2020 – colore – 91’


Direction: Igor Ivanov

Screenplay: Igor Ivanov, Sasho Kokalanov

Cinematography: Maja Radosevic

Editing: Martin Ivanov

Set design: Kiril Spaseski

Music: Zoran Spasovski

Costumes: Polona Valentincic

Cast: Aleksandar Matovski, Natasha Petrovik, Igor Angelov, Jordan Simonov, Maylinda Kosumovic, Sashko Kocev, Oliver Mitkovski, Sergej Dimovski

Producer: Tomi Salkovski in coproduction with Miroslav Mogorovi?, Galina Toneva, Lumbardh Kukaj, Bojan Mastilovic

Production: Skopje Film Studio  in coproduction with Art & Popcorn, Gala Film, Trigger, Iridium Film

Worls Sales: Soul Food



Only Human… stages six profiles in six sequencess cleverly interwoven. One dramatic story in 6 episodes featuring desperate characters in their quest for survival and love, or redemption.



Igor is Macedonian film director/writer who began his film career in 1993, when he started directing series of films for television. Between 1995 and 2004 he made several documentaries and short films; one of them, the 15-minute-long Bugs (Buba?ki, 2004), competed at the 54th Berlinale and won Golden Leopard at the Locarno FF. The title Upside Down, an adaptation of the novel Navel of the World by the contemporary Macedonian writer Venko Andonovski, is his feature film debut premiered at Karlovy Vary in 2007. His second feature film The Piano Room was released in September 2013 and participated at Chicago FF, Sofia FF, Manaki Brothers FF, and many others. Only Human (2020) is his third feature film. Beside his work in film, Igor directed several TV series.



“This movie is essentially dealing with re-examining the primary human values. It starts like a comedy, but after the first third it leaves this seemingly determined genre turning into a social drama, while at the end, using documentary tools, “slaps in the face” trying to face us with the rate of dehumanization, brutality and greed in which we find the society that we all build and develop. Homo is happening here and now. Between the soc-realistic environment and the Styrofoam baroque, with the Ottoman legacy peaking from the cracks. Through the traffic mess and chaos, between the lines in front of offices that don’t move, through the dilapidated value system and the corruption. The specifics that make us different from the animals are embodied here like movie characters. Imagine a Homo Faber in a society in which you’d find a diamond in the street much easier than a paid job. Or Homo Ludens, in a city in which only the casino is a site for social games. Or Homo Adorans, where fat priests in black limos preach ascetism. Or Homo Economicus, where only the prostitutes have the chance to honestly earn their living. Seemingly, every one of these characters gravitates towards its own archetype, but in the conflict with society they lose their ethical characteristics and bring into doubt the basic marks of humanism.”



1995 N.E.P. (doc.)

1996 The Blanket of Aco Shopov (short)

1997 The Clock (short)

2000 Gajda (doc. short)

2000 Kaval (doc. short)

2002 Nase Maalo (tv series, 4 ep.)

2004 Bubachki (Bugs, short)

2007 Prevrteno (Upside Down)

2013 Believe in Love (doc. short)

2013 The Piano Room

2015 Five Plus (tv series, 1 ep.) 

2017 Insajder (tv series, 8 ep.) 

2017 Senke nad Balkanom (tv Series, 1 ep.) 

2018 Kobra (doc.)

2018 Ljubovnikot (short)

2020 Homo (Only Human)



2021 GOA IFF of India – World Panorama

2021 Sofia IFF – Balkan Competition

2021 Gbeck Future FF – Competition: Best Film Award

2021 IndieFest Film Awards: Award of Excellence Special Mention

2021 WorldFest-Houston IFF: Bronze Remi Award

2021 Kalakari FF 

2021 Ramsgate Int. Film and TV Festival

2021European FF Palic – Official Selection

2021 Waterfront Festival Lavasa: Best Director Award

2021 ANONIMUL IFF – Official Competition

2021 IFF Nancy – Sous les etoiles

2021 Bozeman Film Celebration

2021 Festival of Cinema NYC