UCRAINA – 2021 – DCP – colore – 75’

Direction: Andrii Kokura
Screenplay: Andrii Kokura
Cinematography: Andrii Kokura
Editing: Andrii Kokura
Set design: Andrii Kokura
Music: Andrii Kokura
Costumes: Andrii Kokura
Cast: Kateryna Hretskykh (Asya), Alina Kostiukova (madre), Max Sunwriter (lo straniero), Andriy Romaniy (padre), Dasha Volga (Vika), Valerii Kokura (automobilista)
Producer: Andrii Kokura, Valerii Kokura
Production: Kokura Pictures

It’s been a year since Asya’s mother died in a tragic accident. While Asya’s father tries to move on and starts a new relationship with a woman, she is stuck in limbo of memories about her mother, unable to let go of her. But were they that close? What Asya’s mother was really like? Was she even from this world? Could Asya do something to save her mother? Did she want to be saved anyways? Asya desperately seeks answers to myriads of life-determining questions with help from her mysterious friend. And when it seems she finally found her peace of mind, yet another freak accident abruptly ends Asya’s story – to unexpectedly throw us all back
into reality.


“I started to shoot Pokut’ when I was seventeen years old. The film was made without any financing, with the trust from actors and everybody who helped me. Almost all the preproduction, production and postproduction were made by myself, and I need to express a huge thank you to my father, who was the closest person to me during the production, the one who helped to materialize my thoughts. I dedicate our movie to him. The story was fully fictional, but life sometimes goes in unexpectable directions, so it partially became real. While we were making Pokut’ for two years I grew up, so I started and finished the film as two “different” people. It was an exciting journey where I discovered what cinematography is, from my point of view.”

2022 Molodist FF (hosted by Hamburg FF