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Psykos i Stockholm

8 novembre > SALA 5 ore 17

Sweden, Denmark  – 2020 – colore – 100’


Direction: Maria Bäck

Screenplay: Maria Bäck

Cinematography: Nadim Carlsen

Editing: Julius Krebs Damsbo

Set design: Clara Isaksson-Vogel, Maja-Stina Åsberg

Music: Lars Greve

Costumes: Sandra Woltersdorf

Cast: Josefin Neldén, Josefine Stofkoper, Sanaz Saidi, Maria Bäck, Elisabeth Bäck, Rolf Angebrant, Birgitta Angebrant

Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius

Production: Garagefilm International AB

World Sales: Level K



A mother and daughter are on their way to Stockholm to celebrate the daughter’s 14th birthday. On the train, the mother starts acting weird and the daughter fears that another psychotic episode is about to take possession of her mother. Despite the symptoms, they try to continue the vacation as planned. When the mother’s condition worsens, the daughter is left by herself and gets to explore Stockholm on her own for a few magical, solo days and nights. Psychosis in Stockholm is a heightened drama about a fantastic and unconditional mother-daughter relationship.



Director and writer. Maria Bäck was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in poetry and dance, she graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2013 and was the winner of Nordic Talents the same year, with the short Mother is God. Her documentary feature I Remember When I Die was in competition at CPH:DOX and won an Honorary Mention at Göteborg International Film Festival 2016 for its brave artistic choices in both cinematography, sound design, editing and directing. Based in Stockholm and Copenhagen, she works freely, combining different methods, format and genres, always with a close and early collaboration with her team. She was the pitch prize winner of Eurimages co-production award for her next piece Psychosis in Stockholm, a film that marks her debut as a fiction director.



“There’s a lot I’ve forgotten about that particular trip. I remember only fragments. I remember everything being heightened, both colors and events. I remember the overwhelming fears that I might have lost my mother forever. I remember wishing that my love would be strong enough to resist whatever was tearing her apart. I remember wanting to get her to shake off all that was frightfully strange, and go, hi, I’m back to normal again. But at the same time, I remember being enveloped by the world as if it were a completely new planet that had just opened up before me: The feeling that I could just open the door, take my suitcase, and step into an adventure.I remember feeling as though I was in a film. 

Now, some twenty years later, I have made that film.”



2007 Christopher elsker fly (doc. short)

2010 Lystig Lørdag (tv doc.)

2014 Mamma är Gud (Mother is God, doc. short)

2015 I Remember When I Die (doc.)

2020 Psykos i Stockholm (Psychosis in Stockholm)



2020 CPH PIX, Denmark

2020 Göteborg Film Festival –  Nordico Opening Film / Best Nordic Film Competition