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11 novembre > SALA 1 ore 20

Italy – 2020 – colore – 105’


Direction: Carlo Verdone

Screenplay: Carlo Verdone, Giovanni Veronesi, Pasquale Plastino

Cinematography: Tani Canevari

Editing: Pietro Morana

Set Design: Giuliano Pannuti

Music: Michele Braga, Tommy Caputo

Costumes: Tatiana Romanoff

Cast: Carlo Verdone, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta, Max Tortora, Mariana Falace, Sergio Muniz, Livia Luppattelli

Producers: Aurelio De Laurentiis, Luigi De Laurentiis

Production: Filmauro, Vision Distribution in coproduction with 



Doctor Umberto Gastaldi leads a formidable medical team comprising scrub nurse Lucia Santilli, anaesthetist Amedeo Lasalandra and his assistant Corrado Pezzella: a team of excellent medical professionals, but also and above all a group of unsuspected and implacable masters of hoaxes, amazing at teamwork and unbeatable at pulling cruel pranks, especially if the victim is their friend Amedeo. But life is full of surprises, and so, during a rambling on-the-road trip to the seas of Southern Italy – amid surreal encounters, astonishing revelations and hilarious adventures – the four friends stumble upon an experience they will never forget, a twist that could change their lives forever.



Born in 1950, son of Mario, who was a renowned film historian, University professor and manager of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, he obtained a degree in Humanities at La Sapienza University in Rome and then graduated at the Centro Sperimentale. Fun Is Beautiful, produced by Sergio Leone, was the first of his films in which he took on the triple role of director, screenwriter and actor, which earned him as many as 10 awards at the Silver Ribbons and 6 David di Donatello awards in the various categories, and since then he has directed 27 films. It is worth mentioning his acting performances under the direction of Alberto Sordi, Giovanni Veronesi and Paolo Sorrentino in his Oscar-winning film The Great Beauty.



Si Vive Una Volta Sola is a pleasant novelty for me. In my last films, in fact, the storylines were mostly about relationships between two people, so I wanted to return to a narrative with a more collective and ensemble dynamic, to a story centred around a group of people, with their fragilities and contradictions. Working with a group of great actors undoubtedly helps me find the simplest and most natural way of filming, of tackling this fascinating and always new journey that is a film. When the connection is immediate, there is no need for long explanations and I can focus on the essential aspects of the script without ever neglecting the triple responsibility of being a director, screenwriter and actor. There was immediately the right chemistry with Anna Foglietta, Rocco Papaleo and Max Tortora, and the contribution they made to the film with their talent certainly allowed me to do my job as director in a more relaxed manner.”



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