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Direction: Barbara Rothenborg
Screenplay: Anne-Marie Olesen Thinghuus
Cinematography: Mattias Troelstrup
Editing: Lars Wissing
Set design: Eleonora Devitofrancesco, Anja Wessel
Music: Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen, Rasmus Christensen
Costumes: Suraya Alaydrus
Cast: Kirsten Olesen, Stina Ekblad, Kirsten Lehfeldt, Rasmus Botoft, Mia Lyhne, Troels Lyby, Michele Venitucci, Peter Hesse Overgaard, Ivana Pantaleo, Grazia Daddario
Producers: Nina Lyng, Eva Juel Hammerich in co-production with Adriano Bassi, Lara Calligaro
Production: Nepenthe Film ApS, Lume
World Sales: Level K


Marie, Vanja and Berling have known each other since college. Three women in the fall of their lives and all fighting with each of their issues. After a domino of challenges at home in Denmark, they decide to go on a food course in southern Italy. However, the journey will not be quite the trip they had expected, and the hot southern nights offer both new love interests, jealousy and truths brought to light. Howere, in the mids of all this, the three women discover that life has much more to offer and that it is never too late…




THE DIRECTOR: Director, screenwriter. Born in 1979, Denmark. Started her career in film and television at the age of six with the title role in the children’s television series, Nana. Over the next years, she starred in nine films, produced documentary programs and created her own variety show Barbara’s Galaxy. She started directing at age 19 and was commissioned to direct short films for Danish television. In 2001, she moved to Hollywood, where she started a career as a 1st AD and has since worked as a writer, director and producer of commercials and short films. She made her feature film debut with The First Time (2009). Her sophomore feature was One-Two-Three Now! (2016), followed by The Food Club (2020).


“The Food Club is a warm, humorous, feel good and life-affirming film about friendship, food and women over 60. About finding yourself – and sometimes love – at a late age, and the importance of always appreciating and being there for your closest friends. Because if you nurture and take good care of them, the best ones are for life!”


2006 The Curse of the Pillow Tag (short)
2007 Brothers and Fathers (short)
2007 Timothy’s Fable (short)
2008 The Duality of Love (short)
2009 Love at First Hiccup (Amore al Primo… Gulp!)
2010 A Drop of True Blood (TV series short)
2012-16 Sjit Happens
2013 Half Way Home (short)
2014 Krummerne: Alt på spil (Crumbs: All at Stake)
2016 Mit 50/50 liv (TV mini-series)
2016 En-to-tre-nu! (One-Two-Three Now!)
2019 Perfekte Steder (TV series)
2020 Madklubben (The Food Club)