The Tale of King Crab

ITALY, FRANCE, ARGENTINA – 2021 – DCP – color – 105’

Direction: Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis
Screenplay: Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis
Cinematography: Simone D’Arcangelo
Editing: Andres P. Estrada
Set design: Fabio Ferrara
Music: Vittorio Giampietro
Costumes: Andrea Cavalletto
Cast: Gabriele Silli (Luciano), Maria Alexandra Lungu (Emma), Ercole Colnago (Oste), Bruno Di Giovanni (Padre), Giovanni Morichelli (Poro Giovanni), Renato Sterpa (Pappagone), Severino Sperandio (Severino), Eccelso Cassanelli (Celso), Domenico Chiozzi (Galoppini), Ugo Farnetti (Don Ugo), Enzo Cucchi (Principe), Alessandro Cicoria (Paggio), Mariano Arce (Gauchito), Darío Levy (Lennox), Jorge Prado (Capitano), Daniel Tur (Ventura), Fernando Almirón (Don Antonio), ClaudioCastori
Producers: Tommaso Bertani, Ezequiel Borovinsky, Agustina Costa Varsi, Massimiliano Navarra, ThomasOrdonneau
Production: Ring Film, Shellac Sud, Wanka Cine, Volpe Films, Rai Cinema
Distribution: Luce Cinecittà
World Sales: Shellac


Italy, nowadays. Some elderly hunters reminisce about the tale of Luciano together.Late 19th century, Luciano lives as a wandering drunkard in the Tuscian country side. His lifestyle and constant opposition to thedespotic local prince have turned him into an outcast for the community. In an ultimate vengeful move to protect (from the lord) thewoman he loves, Luciano commits the unforgivable. Now an unfortunate criminal, he is exiled to Tierra del Fuego.There, with the help of ruthless gold diggers, he seeks a mythical treasure, paving his way towards redemption. Yet, little but greedand madness can grow on these barren lands.

THE DIRECTORS: Alessio Rigo De Righi, Matteo Zoppis

Born in 1986, they are two Italian-American directors. Their collaboration begins with the short documentaryBlack Beast(2013) and with the award-winning documentary Il Solengo(2015). They are especially interested in folk tales and legends of the peasant tradition, together with the imperfect and incomplete mechanism by which the oral tradition always generates new stories. Their films have been selected in numerous festivals, including IFF Rotterdam, Göteborg Film Festival, Art of the Real in New York,Viennale, BAFICI, RIDM São Paulo Film Festival, and have been awarded at Cinéma du Réel, Doclisboa and Torino Film Festival

2021 Thessaloniki IFF – Meet the Neighbors: Silver Alexander Award
2021 Les Rencontres du Cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère – Competition: Jury Prize
2021 Annecy Cinema Italien – Competition: Best Film
2022 Golden Globes: Best Cinematography