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Les Sans-Dents

10 novembre > SALA 2 ore 19.30

France – 2020 – colore – 85’


Direction: Pascal Rabaté

Screenplay: Pascal Rabaté

Cinematography: Noé Bach

Editing: Aurélien Manya

Set design: Angelo Zamparutti

Music: Jocelyn Robert 

Cast: Yolande Moreau, Gustave Kervern, François Morel, David Salles, Charles Schneider, Vincent Martin, Philippe Rigot, Soazig Ségalou, Alexandre Prince, Timothée Prince, Marie-Pascale Grenier, Romain Francisco, Miveck Packa, Olivier Parenty

Producer: Xavier Delmas

Production: Loin Derrière L’Oural

World Sales: Films Boutique



A dialogue-free comedy of the grotesque in which the happiness of a dropout community depends on the future of a rubbish tip. A group of drop-outs has had enough of the throwaway mentality of capitalism and declares war on surfeit and waste. They have built up a new existence on the dirty outskirts of society and now live in catacombs under a rubbish tip. With such a ready supply on hand, everything is recycled in order to live autonomously underground. On the one hand, this is illegal, but the sustainability crew enjoy living among giant rubber ducks and discarded statues of Karl Marx. But when a posse of overeager police come across them, their nice life seems to have reached its expiry date.



“Our aim is to cover all the graphic elements in a sequence without necessarily having recourse, as in my previous films, to a style of filming in set pieces. The shooting script will favor shot composition while offering enough performance scope to be able to create a pacey and unique comedy during the editing process. With this film, I’m planning to give free rein to the actors who will define their performances upstream, but will have the opportunity to adapt and improvise on set. There is, therefore, no desire to be minimalistic, rather a desire for the outlandish, which will give prominence to daily objects, to a poetry of worn-out, patched-up Formica, whose glue has given up the ghost.”



2020 Hamburg FF