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All that will be

All that will be

All that will be


All that will be

2022 – DCP – colore – 70’


Direction: Renato Chiocca

Screenplay: Renato Chiocca

Cinematography: Michele Innocente

Editing: Mattia Soranzo 

Music: Emanuele Colandrea

Sound: Massimiliano Conte, Daniele Marzano, Fernando Piccinno

With: Dennis Luccarelli, Massimiliano Porcelli, Stefano Zamagni e i partecipanti del Girasoli Tour and the Girasoli Tour participants

Production: Utopia 2000



In the summer of 2021, Dennis is a young resident in a group home who, after being promoted at school in the year of the pandemic, is invited by his social worker Massimiliano to join the Girasoli Tour, a 3500-km bicycle journey through Italy’s uncharted social conditions.


director’s statement

“A fresh perspective of Italy, that’s what we sought after with the Girasoli Tour, a 3500-kilometer journey through Italy by bicycle in search of a new viewpoint of our country’s social outlook, one that would put people and communities at the forefront. We envisioned new prospects for the future starting from the stories of the realities that welcomed us. Behind each of the projects we visited, there were in fact stories, practices and experiences that we tried to live through encountering, listening to and immersing ourselves in their daily work, regardless of intentions, but rather collecting fragments of life being lived out, starting with that of Dennis, who with Massimiliano embarked upon this journey as it transformed into a story of personal maturation.”


festivals and awards

2023 Madonie FF:  Honorable Mention

2023 Ponza Film Awards:  Best Documentary

2023 Festival della Cinematografia Sociale Tulipani di Seta Nera: Third Sector Award