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2022 – DCP – color – 91′


Direction: Niccolò Falsetti

Screenplay: Niccolò Falsetti, Francesco Turbanti, Tommaso Renzoni

Cinematography: Alessandro Veridiani

Editing: Stefano De Marco, Roberto Di Tanna

Set design: Vito Giuseppe Zito

Music: Alessandro Pieravanti

Costumes: Ginevra De Carolis

Cast: Francesco Turbanti (Michele), Emanuele Linfatti (Edoardo), Matteo Creatini (Iacopo), Valentina Carnelutti (Tiziana), Nicola Rignanese (Adriano Melis), Paolo Cioni (Paolo Bassi), Aurora Malianni (Alice), Silvia D’Amico (Margherita)

Producers: Alessandro Amato, Luigi Chimienti, Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti

Production: Dispàrte, Manetti Bros. Film, Rai Cinema


Grossetto, 2008. Edoardo, Iacopo and Michele are three young members of a punk rock group. Bored with playing between local festivals and national holidays, they finally get the chance to redeem themselves by opening for the famous American hardcore punk band, the Defense, at their upcoming concert booked for Bologna. However, when the concert is canceled, the three refuse to give up. If they can’t go to Bologna to play for the Defense, then they will bring the group to Grosseto. But the plan proves to be more difficult than expected as the quirks of small-town life turn every detail into an insurmountable problem, jeopardizing the success of their endeavor and, more importantly, their cherished friendship.

the director: Niccolò Falsetti

Born and raised in Grosseto, after completing his studies in Forms and Techniques of Entertainment at La Sapienza University of Rome, he began working first in London and then in Berlin. He has been working as an author and director since 2010 both independently and within ZERO, a collective that produces documentaries, short films, viral campaigns, and the like. As a director, he has gained diverse experience in both film and advertising industries. He has also written and directed music videos for artists such as Levante, il Muro del Canto, Lucio Leoni, Danomay and Jackal. His work on Margins received nominations for the David di Donatello awards as Best Directorial Debut and Best Original Song.

festival e premi festivals & awards

2022 Mostra di Venezia – Settimana della Critica: Audience Award

2022 Mostra de Cinema Italià de Barcelona 

2022 MittelCinemaFest 

2022 Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt – Competition

2022 Cinema Made in Italy, Athens 

2022 Appuntamento con il cinema italiano, Istanbul 

2022 Annecy Cinema Italien –  Competition

2023 Semana de Cine Italiano, Buenos Aires 

2023 Copenaghen – Cinema Made in Italy

2023 Cinema Made in Italy, London 

2023 Semana de Cine Italiano, Messico 

2023 Festa do Cinema Italiano – Competition

2023 Giornate del Cinema Italiano in Bosnia ed Erzegovina 

2023 International Film Festival of Guadalajara – Italia, invitado de honor

2023 Open Roads –  New Italian Cinema