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Programme 10 NOVEMBER

News Programme 10 NOVEMBER

Programme 10 NOVEMBER



6th – 13th November 2021

Multiplex Cinema Massimo | Lecce


Carlo and Luca Verdone at the European Film Festival

Premiere of the restored version, by Infinity+, of “7 chili in 7 giorni”

directed by Luca Verdone and starring Renato Pozzetto and Carlo Verdone


First theatrical screening ever of the film

Si vive una volta sola by Carlo Verdone

produced by Filmauro and distributed by Amazon Prime Video


Cinema & Reality presentation of

Andate a lavorare – DAMS, la nascita di un mito” by Ambrogio Lo Giudice


Golden Olive Tree Competition


The Voiceless by Pascal Rabate for the “European Comedy” section


Fifth day of the European Film Festival directed by Alberto La Monica. The protagonists of the day are brothers Carlo and Luca Verdone. Carlo Verdone will be in Lecce to present the first theatrical screening ever of his latest film Si vive una volta sola, produced by Filmauro and distributed by Amazon Prime Video, and the restored version of “7 chili in 7 giorni”,

directed by his brother Luca Verdone and starring himself alongside Renato Pozzetto.


The scheduling of the films in competition goes on with the Polish feature Love Tasting by Dawid Nickel and Only Human by Igor Ivanov, from Macedonia.

Love Tasting deals with the last day of school at a junior high school in a small Polish town. Waiting for the graduation party, so-called “komers”, a group of students spend time at a public pool. In the following days, they taste love, rejection and first disappointments. The record of what they’ve been through is a cherry on top of their junior-high-school days. It’s also a portrait of modern youth in search of identity, the sense of belonging and bonds.

Only Human stages six profiles in six sequences cleverly interwoven. One dramatic story in 6 episodes featuring desperate characters in their quest for survival and love, or redemption.


For the Mario Verdone Award, “Trash” by Francesco Dafano and Luca Della Grotta.


The “European Comedy” section presents The Voiceless by Pascal Rabate. A dialogue-free comedy of the grotesque in which the happiness of a dropout community depends on the future of a rubbish tip. A group of drop-outs has had enough of the throwaway mentality of capitalism and declares war on surfeit and waste. They have built up a new existence on the dirty outskirts of society and now live in catacombs under a rubbish tip…


As part of the tribute to Giovanna Ralli, the screening of 1953’s film “It Happened in the Park”, episode “Incidente a Villa Borghese”, by Gianni Franciolini.

Starting from 5.00 pm, “Festival in corto” (Festival in Short) goes on.