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Programme 9 NOVEMBER

News Programme 9 NOVEMBER

Programme 9 NOVEMBER



6th – 13th November 2021

Multiplex Cinema Massimo | Lecce



premiere of new film “Final Report”



Fourth day of the European Film Festival directed by Alberto La Monica. The protagonist of the day is Hungarian director István Szabó, the first Hungarian director ever to take home the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. He received the award for his 1981 film Mephisto. The filmmaker will attend the screening of “Final Report”, his new film, which will be presented by Massimo Causo.


The tribute to Szabó includes a selection of the films that have most marked his career, such as Mephisto, with which the Hungarian director won the Oscar in 1981, and Final Report, his latest feature starring Klaus Maria Brandauer, which will receive its Italian premiere in Lecce; a Q&A with the audience moderated by Massimo Causo; the awarding of the Golden Olive Tree Award for Lifetime Achievement.

As many as 12 films by István Szabó will be screened in their original language with Italian subtitles: The Age of Daydreaming (1964, 94’), Father (1966, 86’), Love Film (1970, 118’), 25 Fireman’s Street (1973, 97’), Budapest Tales (1976, 89’), Confidence (1979, 102’), Mephisto (1981, 140’), Colonel Redl (1984, 144’), Hanussen (1988, 112’), Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe (1991, 78’), Taking Side (2001, 108’), Final Report (2020, 102’), receiving its Italian premiere.


The scheduling of the films in competition goes on with the Danish feature Persona non grata by Lisa Jespersen, a humorous drama. Laura is about to return to her childhood home to participate in her brother’s wedding, but she soon discovers that he is about to marry her worst childhood enemy… and the Swiss feature My Little Sister by Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond. Lisa, a brilliant playwright, has quit writing and lives in Switzerland with her family. When she discovers that her twin brother has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia, she will neglect everything else, even risking her marriage.

For the Mario Verdone Award, “Out of My League” by Alice Filippi, the debut film of the director, whose screenplay is written by Roberto Proia and Michela Straniero. A contemporary and colourful fairy-tale. Filippi was nominated for Best New Director at the David di Donatello Awards 2021, and for Best Comedy at the Silver Ribbons.

As part of the tribute to Giovanna Ralli, “Escape by Night” by Roberto Rossellini will be screened, and for the “European Comedy” section the film “Beloved Neighbours” by Micha? Grzybowski, a comedy of errors about the vicissitudes of two married couples.