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GIANNI MINÀ Una vita da giornalista

GIANNI MINÀ Una vita da giornalista

GIANNI MINÀ Una vita da giornalista


GIANNI MINÀ Una vita da giornalista

2022 – DCP – color – 100’


Direction: Loredana Macchietti

Cinematography: Stefano Gabriele

Editing: Alessandro Buonomo 

Music supervision: Daniel Venditti, Paola Emilia Minà

Sound designer: Luca Mendicino

With: Gianni Minà, Loredana Macchietti (voce narrante narrator)

Production: Format in coproduzione con in coproduction with Coralcine in collaborazione con in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Film Commission Torino Piemonte

Distribution: Zenit Distribution



The docufilm tells the professional story of Gianni Minà, Italian journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker. Minà produced hundreds of reportages for RAI, Italian Radio and Television. He created and presented television programs and documentary films about personalities who have deeply influenced the society and history of their respective countries, such as Muhammad Ali, Diego Armando Maradona, John John Kennedy, Robert De Niro, Federico Fellini, Jane Fonda, Rigoberta Menchù, Enzo Ferrari, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Gabriel García Marquez, Eduardo Galeano, and many other prominent individuals within the historical and cultural landscape of Italy and abroad.

The film spans over six decades of Minà’s professional career, covering his initial involvement in sports, followed by music, film and finally foreign affairs.

And yet, this piece is not only about Minà’s professional life, but it also serves as a narrative on the transformation of Italian television and journalism, profoundly and radically changed over the past few years by the advent of new technologies and social media.

This long journey is punctuated not only by Minà’s firsthand accounts but also by contemporaries, historians and sociologists who have lent insight into the evolution or involution of the dissemination of information in Italy.

the director: Loredana Macchietti

Graduated in social work and adult education, she embarked upon a long and enriching career in the field of audiovisual media after her encounter with Gianni Minà. First working as an editorial secretary, she gradually assumed nearly all the roles in this sector over time, specializing in production and executive production of documentaries. From 2000 to 2015, she served as the editor of the quarterly magazine Latinoamerica. In 2021 she made her directorial debut with the documentary Gianni Minà una vita da giornalista. In 2022 she graduated in Communications and in 2023 she edited the 20-part series for Rai Play titled Gianni Minà cercatore di storie.

director’s statement

“This 100-minute docufilm encapsulates the story of Gianni Minà, a reporter who operated outside the box but adhered to the principles of honest and heartfelt journalism, experienced as public service. With over sixty years in the profession, he assessed himself within narratives of culture, sports, music, film and foreign affairs.

Gianni Minà traveled in a Fiat Cinquecento throughout the streets of Rome, which marked both his profession and his life, as his automobile was transformed into a space-time medium. A dutiful and metaphysical tribute to a vehicle that, over the years, served as an office, a place for meditation, a confessional and in some cases, a work tool. Throughout this journey, we encountered witnesses of an era and sought to narrate a story interwoven with music and the memories of the protagonist and their guests, also making use of archival and previously unseen footage provided for the viewer. Opening credits were crafted by Maestro Bozzetto and his team.”



2022 Gianni Minà Una vita da giornalista (doc)

2023 Gianni Minà Cercatore di storie (tv doc serie)