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My Summer With The Shark

My Summer With The Shark

My Summer With The Shark


My Summer With The Shark

2023 – DCP – color – 104′


Direction: Davide Gentile

Screenplay: Valerio Cilio, Gianluca Leoncini

Cinematography: Ivan Casalgrandi

Editing: Tommaso Gallone

Set design: Luigi Marchione

Music: Michele Braga, Gabriele Mainetti

Costumes: Sara Costantini

Cast: Tiziano Menichelli (Walter), Stefano Rosci (Carlo), Virginia Raffaele (Rita), Claudio Santamaria (Antonio), Edoardo Pesce (il Corsaro the Corsair)

Producers: Gabriele Mainetti, Andrea Occhipinti, Stefano Massenzi, Mattia Guerra, Claudio Saraceni, Federico Saraceni, Jacopo Saraceni

Production: Goon Films, Lucky Red, Ideacinema, Rai Cinema

Distribution: Lucky Red


This is the story of a 13-year-old named Walter and the most incredible summer of his life. School is out and he has just lost his father. During his seemingly aimless wandering along the Roman coastline, a fascinating and mysterious place captures his attention: an abandoned villa with a huge murky swimming pool. However, the villa is not unattended and an unforgettable journey is about to begin.

the director: Davide Gentile

Born in 1985 in Milan, he lives in London where he founded Banjo Eyes Films; he is a filmmaker with experience in advertising and community outreach that have earned him recognition and awards. Among these is the award dedicated to young authors under 40, the ‘I Love GAI’ at the Venice Film Festival in 2016 for the short film dedicated to the consequences and impact of junk food, Food for Thought. In the field of advertising, he has received various awards and recognitions, working with leading brands. In 2014, with Bold, he won first prize in the competition organized at the Turin Book Fair by Zanichelli, linked to the Morandini film dictionary.



2023 Open Roads – New Italian Cinema