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Romantic Girls

Romantic Girls

Romantic Girls


Romantic Girls

2023 – DCP – color – 108’


Direction: Pilar Fogliati

Screenplay: Pilar Fogliati, Giovanni Nasta, Giovanni Veronesi

Cinematography: Davide Leone

Editing: Davide Miele

Set design: Paola Riviello

Music: Levante

Costumes: Alessia Condò

Cast: Pilar Fogliati (Eugenia, Uvetta, Michela, Tazia), Levante (Levante), Diane Fleri (Susanna Celeno), Giovanni Toscano (Sanis Joaquim Bonplap del Pioppo), Lorenzo Parrotto (Dodo), Ibrahim Keshke (Kamal), Emanuele Propizio (Ivano Tozzi), Giovanni Anzaldo (Fausto), Rodolfo Laganà (Mario Tozzi), Edoardo Purgatori (Riky)

Producers: Marco Cohen, Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli

Production: Indiana Production, Vision Distribution


These are the stories of four girls who live in and around Rome: Eugenia Praticò, an aspiring screenwriter who fled Palermo to pursue success, as long as it’s niche; Uvetta Budini di Raso, an aristocratic and beautiful girl who has been living a sheltered life in the historic center and is making her debut in the working world; Michela Trezza who is about to get married and loves her life in the provincial town of Giudonio; and Tazia De Tiberis, the tough girl from northern Rome who wants to control everything, including her boyfriend’s wishes. And all four, in their own way, are trying to find their place in the world.


the director: Pilar Fogliati

Born in Alessandria and raised in Mentana, she graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts. In her early twenties, she began her acting career in theater. In 2015 she portrayed Bette in the television miniseries Il bosco. In 2016 she made her film debut participating in Fausto Brizzi’s film Forever Young. From 2017 to 2021 she played the role of ethologist Emma Giorgi in the TV series Un passo dal Cielo. Since 2021 she has had the lead in the TV series All Heart, alongside Daniele Pecci and Matteo Martari. In the autumn of 2022, she starred in the series I Hate Christmas.



2023 Silver Ribbons: Best Comedy Actress

2023 Italian Golden Globes: Best Comedy, Best Actress (Pilar Fogliati)