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2020 – color – 83’


Direction: Marco Simon Puccioni

Screenplay: Marco Simon Puccioni

Cinematography: Paolo Ferrari Aic

Editing: Silvana Costa

 Diretta Direct Sound: Guido Spizzico

Music: Teho Teardo

Cast: David, Denis, Marco, Giampietro, Devin, Hannah, Joey, Cynthia, Josh, Kodi, Aiden, Amanda

Producer: Giampietro Preziosa

Production: Inthelfilm

Distribution: Inthelfilm, RaiCinema



An intimate conversation between two fathers who look back at the last four years of their twins’ growth. They remember how their children coped, at different ages, with living in a family with two fathers, answering their schoolmates’ questions about their mother or playing with names and roles. They recall the climate of strong opposition in which Monica Cirinnà succeeded in providing Italy with a law on civil unions. They cultivate a warm and affectionate relationship with the American families of the “dede” and “dona” who allowed the birth of their children. They go back to the joyful moment of their civil marriage officiated by Nichi Vendola and think, among different sensibilities, about what names to give to extended family members born through assisted reproduction techniques.



“My challenge in making this documentary was to turn an autobiographical story into a movie for everybody. When, ten years ago, my partner and I became parents, I didn’t have a clear project in mind, but I knew that the story of our special way of becoming parents was worth telling. After waiting for enough time to pass from my first documentary Prima di tutto and for our children to be able to express themselves autonomously, I decided to make my new doc All Together. In All Together, our children express their view on how it feels to live in a family with two dads, while we and other “rainbow” dads, with their own “dede” and “dona”, share our doubts and thoughts. We believe and hope that portraying with simplicity the reality and truth of a family that is actually not so different from the others can help dismantle a series of prejudices that are still very strong in some parts of society.”



2020 Biografilm