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Italia – 2019 – colore – 61’

Direction: Gabriele Greco
Screenplay: Gabriele Greco
Cinematography: Valeria Schifeo, Federica Ippolito, Pasquale Rosati
Editing: Gabriele Greco
Set design: Gabriele Greco
Music: Massimo Greco, Gabriele Greco. La canzone AmaLaTerra è cantata da Mario Biondi
Sound: Massimiliano Pellé
With: Gabriele Greco, Giovanni Melcarne, Pantaleo Greco, Salvatore Sergi, Fedele Leo, Angela Coluccia, Vito Antonio Arditi, Valerio Di Siclì, Sebastiano Di Siclì
Production: Kreiamo Production in associazione con Summerside International



AmalaTerra is a documentary that captures the tragedy caused by Xylella, a bacterium that has been attacking olive trees in the Salento area (Italy) over the past ten years, and which relentlessly continues its lethal journey. The spread of the put to the test the Apulian economy and the landscape. More than sixty million olive trees are likely to decline as well as the tradition of a land that, for thousands of years, has considered its olive trees and olive oil its’ most precious bounty. The documentary lays bare the lives of: simple peasants, major agronomists and entrepreneurs who seek to eradicate the disease with all their strength.




“Immigration and Xylella are two different problems but they share the same desperation and sense of abandonment. I can’t imagine Salento without olive trees, and I want to do something for Apulia and its inhabitants. I hope that this documentary will give voice to this magical land and its farmers. I would like to inform everybody about this outbreak with no cure. Our only hope for saving sixty millions of Apulian olive trees is to talk about it.
Regarding the soundtrack, special Italian guest star: Mario Biondi sings an original song specially written for my project.”