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Italy – 2019 – color – 62’


Direction: Stefano Petroni
Screenplay: Vitor Vilela, Stefano Petroni, Agostino Petroni
Cinematography: Vitor Vilela
Editing: Vitor Vilela
Music: Daniel Avi Halper, Francesco De Donatis, Mayan Community
Sound Effects: Nicolas Parker
Sound Mix: Sergio Prezioso
Producers: Agostino Petroni, Stefano Petroni, Sava Riaskoff, Daniel Avi Helper, Luke Namer
Production: Petroni Productions, Fresh Air Collective



While on a trip to document stories of food resilience, a young Italian activist explores age-old civilisations in Latin America to learn how to stop the widespread destruction of agriculture. The young traveller visits lands that are dizzying borders, where modern civilisation laps, sometimes undermining it and sometimes escaping from it, the timeless time that permeates places and destinies left on the margins of “global society”. The film is supported by Slow Food, Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford.



“The peoples that hosted us offered us not only their life stories, but also a different approach to the issues of our time. Climate change, deforestation, loss of identity, are no longer something distant, but tangible effects of globalisation. When we came back to Puglia, we understood that our journey was not over. We realised that Xylella Fastidiosa, a bacterium we had not paid much attention to before, was destroying the Apulian olive trees. The local communities we visited taught us to be locals in our own land, therefore our outside journey has become an inside journey, through our culture, to save the monumental Apulian olive trees.”



2020 Ferrara FF – Official Selection
2020 Artic FF – Official Selection
2020 Around Int. FF Barcelona – Official Selection